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    COMMON GROUNDS is delighted that we are able to celebrate such a big milestone, particularly in what has been such a rocky year for business.

    Thankfully, Common Grounds remains constantly busy, bursting at the seams at lunchtimes and buzzing with life in the evenings. We’d like to think that our fantastic food, ‘home from home’ atmosphere and unique approach to giving encourages our customers to continue to support us because you are motivated by our passion for the charities we support and hope to help us make something significant happen in the lives of others. That passion, and our support for causes we believe in will not disappear during a recession, so we are going to keep on keeping on, in the hope of a better future for the local community in which we are based, and the wider global community of which we are all part.

    We would like to thank all of our customers for their continued support and we hope that Common Grounds can remain that ‘home from home’ whenever you need it. Thank you for helping us create a lasting impact through our charitable donations.

    Thanks also go to all of the organisations that use the cafe regularly, including Belfast Friendship Club, Friends of the Earth, the Book Group and the Handmade Brigade, to name a few.

    This year we are able to give away £8,200 in addition to money already passed on from our music nights to the various charities that have sought our support. As always most of the credit for this achievement belongs to our wonderful staff, and we wish to thank them for all the effort and time they have invested in our cafe over this past year.

    The café events team has expanded over the last while, and is now comprised of Karen Smyth (Café Director and events co-ordinator), Damian McCann (sound), Helen Briggs (support) and Elizabeth McGeown (PR). Thanks also to Cathal Magee, Steve Graham and Chris McCorry for their help with sound during the year.

    Our heartfelt thanks go to the following - and our apologies if we have missed anyone out:

    Stevie Mac + Laura Stevenson + Maguire & I + Mark Mooney + Robert Holmes + Albrecht's Pencil + Kagura + Fionnuala Fagen + Colin Tufts + John Lindsay Band + Steve Toner + Jude McCaffrey + Richard Higginson + Eilidh Patterson + Sparks Fly + Dolbro Dan + Matt Regan + John Shelly and the Creatures + The Corncrakes + Kitty and the Can Openers + Dominic O'Neill + Heliopause + Gentry Morris + Mel Wiggins + Steve McCann + Cathi Moorhead + Steven McClintock + Cutaways + Ria Maguire + John Gribbin + Esperi + Eskimos Fall + Anthony Toner + The Reno Room + Daveit Ferris + Stevie Mac + Iain Holmes + Sang by Fire + Tin Pot Operation + Bellwether State + David McCann + Steve Amos + Ana Mae & the 442s + David Dryden + Owen Mason + Steve McCann + The Corncrakes + Sweet Taste + Tanya Strowger + Alan Kennedy + SA Gold + Stephen Duffin + John Gribbin + Craig McConnell + Ten Gallon Hat and the Big Salute + Katie & the Carnival + Gareth Brannigan + Elle Stevenson + Louisiana Joyride + Amy McGarrigle + The Hellfire Club + Gerry Jones + Caroline Orr + Helen Killick + Joby Fox + WAR HOLE!

    It never ceases to amaze us the effort that our music acts go to for Common Grounds and the café charities – writing special songs, creating special arrangements, and with some even playing in fancy dress!

    [b:54be6e3350]Since opening, Common Grounds has raised nearly £40,000 for charities across the world. This would not have been possible without your help.
    Thank you![/b:54be6e3350]
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  2. avatar Conn
    Happy Birthday Common Grounds! Best brownies ever :) The Last Hurrah really enjoyed playing in CG and look forward to more gigs there. I bet the birthday cake will be amazing!
  3. avatar rentaghost
    Hiya. I think you've missed the free birthday cake unfortunately. We usually give that out in September.
    Thank you though - The Last Hurrah will get a mention in the next Annual report :)
  4. avatar fastfude
    Having CG's finest coffee and cake a street away from my office has been nothing short of brilliant. Happy birthday.
  5. avatar Steven Dedalus
    Good work, guys!

    Although it is saddening that War Hole / Steven Dedalus have been written out of history.

    Although, on reflection, it's probably for the best.

  6. avatar the dirty weed
  7. avatar SweetDickWilly
    Happy birthday, nice brownies!
  8. avatar rentaghost
    Mr Dedalus, why would you ever think I would leave you out?
    The above text is an abridged version of two sections of the annual report, in which you are singled out for thanks, with your partners in crime at your place of employment. Sorry I didn't put you in the big list at the end.
    I'm going to try to get the Annual Report up online this week, but I lack the skillz so am reliant on others.
  9. avatar ThePenguin
    Happy Birthday Common Grounds.

    Good causes.
    Great grub.
    Best place to play in the city.

    Looking forward to the next 5.
  10. avatar rentaghost
    Why thank you Mr Penguin.
    I have to say that one of my main aims in life is to see Common Grounds break the £100K barrier in the next 5 years.

    Make it so.