1. avatar s-zone
    Pod XT live, in Excellent condition
    comes upgraded with 3 model packs

    Metal shop,
    Colectors Classic
    Fx junkie
    (i think thats all of them)


    Cant put pics on theis bloody thing so email me and i can send them ...cheers
  2. avatar Chuffola
    HI. Did you get this sold? I might be interested but your price is a little high. Can pick one up on ebay for 150 (admittedly without the 3 fx packs)
  3. avatar Hors D'oeuvres
    Sorry to "hijack" but dude I'll sell you my POD X3 LIVE for around 200 if that's any use.
  4. avatar Chuffola
    I'm trying to sell a Boss ME70 to raise a bit of cash. Mint condition.

    Don't suppose you'd consider a swap plus cash?