1. avatar Desus
    [b:20fe6ccd0c]Radar proudly presents[/b:20fe6ccd0c]

    [size=200]Rodrigo y Gabriela

    [b:20fe6ccd0c]Mandela Hall, Belfast

    Tuesday 1st December, 2009

    Doors 8pm

    Tickets 20[/b:20fe6ccd0c]

    Mexican duo Rodrigo y Gabriela have announced that they will play a very special and unique one off performance in the intimate surrounds of the Mandela Hall on Tuesday December 1st.
    The band have made this announcement prior to performing two sold out shows in Dublin this November. This run of dates will allow the band to come back to their much loved second home of Ireland. The bands last performance in Belfast was 3 years ago, so this show is hugely overdue and anticipated.

    This show will see the band showcase new material from the new album 11:11,the follow up to their self titled 2006 album, as well as some older favourites.

    [b:20fe6ccd0c]Tickets priced from 20.00 including booking fee go on sale Saturday 7th November at 9am.[/b:20fe6ccd0c]
  2. avatar the_doctor199
    This is going to be amazing.
  3. avatar the_doctor199
    Double post.
  4. avatar Valkaine Miki
    my god this will be fantastic.I'll be very surprised if this doesn't sell out pretty quick.
    For anyone who hasn't seen them live, take this opportunity...
  5. avatar kinta1
  6. avatar Desus
  7. avatar Bonanza*
    any support at this?
  8. avatar kevinfreeburn
    wallis bird is supporting them on loads of dates. hopefully she'll do the belfast date..
  9. avatar Bonanza*
    hmmm Belfast isn't included on her site or myspace...
  10. avatar kevinfreeburn
    any stage times for this yet?
  11. avatar Desus
    Doors 8pm
    Robyn G Shiels 8.30pm
    Rodrigo y Gabriela 9.30pm

    Tickets are flying out for this. Probably best to pick one up this afternoon if you're still thinking of heading. Should be a few on the door but I wouldn't want to be relying on it.
  12. avatar kevinfreeburn
    cheers Dee, good to see Robyn G Shiels on the bill, haven't seem live in ages, apart from with John Edgar Voe. should be a mighty gig
  13. avatar InnerCitiesClaud
    [b:e8575c928c]Best gig of my life.. [/b:e8575c928c]

    Honestly, it was [i:e8575c928c]fucking[/i:e8575c928c] amazing!

    Whoever missed out should go cry, because their life can never be complete. (until Rod & Gab come to belfast again)
  14. avatar sailorbill
    That was indeed awesome
  15. avatar welshchris
    Really good show, have to day I prob prefered Rod Y Gab when I saw them years ago in the lyric, that show was had more of an acoustic mellow feel to it rather than the heavy rock band palying acoustic guitars feel of the show in the week. Not so sure I was into all the pedal use etc...

    Still I guess a bigger crowd means they have to get some kind of stage show rather than the sitting cross legged on stools of their earlier gigs, and dam they can both play!