1. avatar Daz

    Blast:Live returns this Friday with two more fantastic local bands!

    [size=200]Thrones Of Roll[/size][size=200][/size]
    Thrones Of Roll is the result of its five members eclectic tastes forming the basis of this powerful, yet melodic Belfast based band.

    Gigging throughout their homeland it was clear that Thrones Of Roll were showing promise from the start. Their strength lies in their ability to keep the audience engaged which is clearly captured in the EP "Video Store".

    A rejuvenated lineup at the start of this year saw the band make their first video for the song Zookeeper which has been described as "Lascivious garage guitar rock...".

    Thrones of Roll completed their mini album Video Store and an accompanying video to the the title track Video Store. This intense eight track offering from Thrones of Roll is exactly what their live audiences have been waiting for.


    [size=200]Delirium Tremens[/size]

    Four guys playing music they love.
    Here's what the media reckon...

    "A powerhouse of melody and ferociousness both in studio and on stage. With Delirium Tremens, Northern Ireland could have something very exciting indeed to watch in 2010."
    [i:0cdee46c6a]-- Rory McConnell, Radio One[/i:0cdee46c6a]

    "Hard rock and thundering basslines were surely enough to send waves through the floor and into the crowd to knock everyone down - similar to a hurricane you weren't prepared for. I've heard very good things about these guys and I certainly wasn't disappointed. It's great to see that there's still some old-fashioned hard, crazy rock that you can still bang your head off the wall to. Delirium Tremens proved that you don't have to play fair to win - scream your head off, put a great band behind you and force your way through the critics. I certainly wouldn't stand in their way - hats off guys, fantastic!"
    [i:0cdee46c6a]-- Mark Dunn, Gigging NI[/i:0cdee46c6a]

    The biting cold and relentless snow means that most are still wearing hats, coats and misery on their faces as local up and comers Delirium Tremens take the stage but by the end of their short, scuzzy set, the mood has lifted and the crowd are suitably loosened up... they are ramshackle and arch enough to raise an eyebrow or two. Lou Barlow would most certainly approve.
    [i:0cdee46c6a]-- Kerrang February 2009 Review: Supporting the Datsuns[/i:0cdee46c6a]


    Friday 6th November
    Lavery's Bunker
    8PM - first band 8:30.
    Free into Club Gigantic afterwards.
  2. avatar Thrones of Roll
    We canny wait!
  3. avatar outshined
    sounds brilliant !
  4. avatar SweetDickWilly
    Looking forward to playing on the new stage!!
  5. avatar DeliriumTremens
    Jennifer Aniston thinks we're amazing.
  6. avatar Deestroyer
    Ce soir! Formidable!
  7. avatar Daz
    Looking forward to this!
  8. avatar DeliriumTremens
    Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I... I wanna be on you.