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    The Saw Doctors have had a very successful year so far, with sold out tours in both the UK and America, being named the second Top Irish group of all time, based on IRMA statistics, and playing a well received set alongside Status Quo at Live at The Castle. The Saw Doctors have released their new single ‘She Loves Me’ which is part of a four track CD, available from www.thesawdoctors.com, and are set to play Cois Fharraige Festival in Kilkee before heading off on a UK and Irish tour in October. The Saw Doctors will play the Spring & Airbrake on Friday 20th November and **Extra date added** Saturday 21st November. Tickets are available now priced £17.00 subject to booking fee.

    Get your tickets at www.cdcleisure.com / www.ticketmaster.ie

    For more info see: www.thesawdoctors.com / www.myspace.com/thesawdoctors