1. avatar cheesegrater10
    Ashdown MAG300 EVO II combo C115-300, for sale, excellent condition.
    Great tone and has a DI to plug in at bigger venues.
    See here for product info.
    Looking 200.

    PM or call 07798615682.
  2. avatar SweetDickWilly
    Tis a nice amp, I use one at practice. If I had the money I'd buy it off ya, but I don't at the minute. Balls.
  3. avatar cheesegrater10
    Cheers, yea they are great and the tone is really nice as you'd expect, good bottom end as well with the 15" it's in top condition too so it's a bargain if anyone has the cash. I also have an ibanez GSR 200 in white in top condition, looking 100. Going to be moving to South Africa soon thats the only reason I'm selling.