1. avatar Selling Blood
    looking for an old tascam 488 8track. anyone got one they don't use anymore? or even any other cassette 8 track would do.
  2. avatar salfhal
    Hey I have a Tascam DP01fx digital 8track that i don't use anymore, would be looking around 220 ish for it

    Nicked some info from some website -


    * 8-track recording at uncompressed CD quality into a built-in 40GB hard drive
    * 2-track simultaneous recording
    * Dedicated stereo mixdown track
    * Dedicated controls on each channel for volume, pan, EFX send, EQ high and EQ low
    * 2-band semi-parametric EQ per track
    * 2 - 1/4 " TRS mic/line inputs
    * 2 phantom-powered XLR microphone inputs
    * Guitar level input
    * Built-in reverb processor
    * Built-in insert effects processor
    * Effects send and stereo return
    * RCA line output
    * S/PDIF digital optical output
    * Headphone output with level control
    * MIDI Timecode output
    * USB 2.0 port for computer backup
    * Track editing: copy, paste, move, erase, silence
  3. avatar Hors D'oeuvres
    You're probably just going to have to keep an eye on ebay. There were a couple of 488s on sale there a few months ago.....tough to get hold of these days, though.
  4. avatar Selling Blood
    cheers but i'm specifically looking an analog tape multitracker. yeah been watching on ebay. just thought i could try local if anyone had one lying around.
  5. avatar SimonC
    casette 4 track any good?
  6. avatar Selling Blood
    no already have a 4track i've been using for a while now, was looking to upgrade if that's the right word to use.
    ta anyway.
  7. avatar Selling Blood
    still looking this if anyone can help...