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    My first post!
    Dear Fastfude members,

    Firstly thanks to Roger Herbert for allowing us to make this announcement on Fastfude

    [b:8e2be97bf5]RD Guitar Pickups [/b:8e2be97bf5]is probably Irelands first and only Custom Pickup winding business. Based in Newry we have spent much of 2009 developing our debut pickups, the VR-P Series (Vintage Reloaded) humbuckers.

    With a market of plentiful choice when it comes to hand wound pickups, we know that even with the best pickups on the planet, we still need to get them out there and into musicians guitars so that they can do the talking for us, which is why the first sets we sell have a discounted price and an offer which may be of particular interest to Fastfude members.

    As we are NI based, we thought we could do something a little different for local customers. So, for the first few local "FASTFUDE" customers, we are offering you the opportunity to come along, with your guitar and spend an evening with us while we wind you a custom set. We will let you try out a few pickup styles and a few magnet variations for your preferred style. [i:8e2be97bf5](probably about 4 or 5 hours, so prepare for an 8 till very late if you want to see the whole process and a second trip if you really want to get into detail).[/i:8e2be97bf5]

    At the minute we are focused on our PAF flavoured "[b:8e2be97bf5]Vintage Reloaded series[/b:8e2be97bf5]" humbuckers which are already receiving some very positive feedback from local players. Sound clips and a lot more info is on our website [url=http://www.rdpickups.com]www.rdpickups.com[/url] [i:8e2be97bf5](special thanks to Kieran for the licks and doing the the recordings, you can see links to his myspace page on our website).[/i:8e2be97bf5]

    If you are in the market for a serious tonal upgrade, we hope you will consider giving us a try. These pickups are among the best sounding you will find anywhere and that's guaranteed!!! First clip is Our VR-P0 on an Ibanez SZ320 and second is the VR-P3 on a MIJ Les Paul

    [url=http://www.rdpickups.com/sound%20clips/P0KSIbanez%20Clip1009.mp3]VR-P0 soundclip[/url]
    [url=http://www.rdpickups.com/sound%20clips/P3KSLP%20Clip1009.mp3]VR-P3 soundclip[/url]

    [b:8e2be97bf5]Our startup offer is 129[/b:8e2be97bf5] for the first 20 sets of our VR-P series, after which a number of factors will dictate a Retail price of somewhere between 169 & 189 (TBC).

    We are developing a high gain humbucker and are currently looking for an experienced/talented local metal guitarist to help with testing. Based on an Alnico 8 magnet we are aiming for high gain with charachter. So if you are a metal tone seeker and are interested in getting involved with developing our VX humbucker we would really like to hear from you.

    Single coil development is also underway, expected release date is currently the very evasive "early 2010" (we're aiming for end of January)

    Thanks for reading.

    Declan Larkin
    [url=http://www.rdpickups.com/contact.html]Web contact page[/url]
    Mobile: 07527 305931
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  2. avatar Pete
    Nice to see this. Any plans for bass? Been thinking of a rewind or completely new pickup for my P-bass for a while...
  3. avatar rdpickups
    Thanks for the comments Pete,

    yes on the cards for 2010 are, Strat Singlecoils, P90, Tele, P Bass, & J Bass.

    We've done a few J-Bass rewinds but I would say we are still a while off having a production set, rewinds no problem, as the time consuming thing for production sets is sourcing and/or making new parts, actually the time consuming bit is testing!

    I would be reluctant to rewind a working P-Bass pickup that you were fairly attached to... unless of course it was dead or you were interested in working with the development of that pickup. It is certiantly one of the core pickups we need to have in our product range.

    So if you are interested in working on P Bass development/testing... then let me know or drop us an email from the contact page of the website.

    Local players interested in getting involved is the only way we can nail or exceed the tones expected of the classic pickups we are less familiar with ourselves.

    there are also a few non-standard pickups on the drawing board

    Its going to be an interesting 2010

    Declan Larkin
    RD Pickups
    Mobile: 07527 305931
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  4. avatar artyfufkin
    This is great to see happening and even better that it's happening locally. The sound clips are excellent, as is Kiaran's playing but no suprises there.

    I have an electric sitar with a lipstick pickup in it which sounds shit. Very thin tone and very low output. Is there anything you could do with it or should I replace it with something decent? To be honest I don't actually use the instrument much so I couldn't justify spending a huge amount of money on it. Not a lot of demand for electric sitar players locally these days strangely enough.
  5. avatar capthowdy
    Are you only selling them in sets? I spend 95% of my time on the bridge and that new high gain unit sounds tasty. I usually get my pups from England but I'd really love to keep my business here if I could.

    Anyway, the best of luck to you man, hope it all works out.
  6. avatar rdpickups
    your words of support are encouraging, so thanks again, and Kierans playing is rockin, ya just want to break his fingers dont you?


    Obviously I would have to see the pickup, a rewind is the easiest/cheapest option, and as long as it isn't covered in epoxy or something, in other words it comes apart, then I see no reason why we can't make that sitar growl if you want, and you won't have to spend a fortune.

    I can't say I ever had Sitar pickups on the To Do list but it could be interesting, drop me an email from the contact page on the website and i am sure we can sort something out. I think a before and after recording for the website would be a must;)


    No Problem on a single bridge or neck pickup, its just you'll only end up throwing the neck away after youve played our bridge anyway (tongue firmly in cheek).... you've actually just reminded me that I need to update the website as its not the first time someone has had to ask...

    We can do a single for 69 inc postage. If you want one just drop me an email from the website form. We would be delighted to see these starting to make some waves on our own back door.

    RD Pickups
    Mobile: 07527 305931
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  7. avatar Declan
    Great to see this. I run a recording studio in Newry so would be interested in what you are doing.
    I'll check out the website and maybe give you a shout soon...


    p.s. if you want to send me over some business cards or something I can put them out in the studio...
  8. avatar thecomeons_2
    what's the typical charge for a rewind? the neck pickup is way to loud on my gordon-smith when compared to the bridge. i think it just needs balanced.
  9. avatar rdpickups
    thanks, i will catch up with you soon for a chat, nice site BTW, looks like you have a hell of a setup there.


    give me a call about a rewind if you wish, typically about 25 (inc return postage) will do the trick, but if you already like the pickup my first suggestion is lower it away from the strings and raise the bridge if necessary. the whole idea of calibrated sets amuses me sometimes, we have tested 6k necks with 8k bridges and with a little height adjustment you can normally level the outputs.

    If I rewind it the tone will most likely change due to different winding pattern and possibly the wire change, which is why I would be reluctant to wind a pickup you were 90%+ happy with. to replicate the winding pattern requires a lot more effort. Really only recommended if it is a valuable vintage pickup as it is just as expensive as a new set.

    On the other hand we could do a slug, screw & possibly magnet replacement (asuming its a humbucker) and let our secret alloys do some magic on them.

    Give me a call any time if you want a chat,

    Declan Larkin
    RD Pickups
    Mobile: 07527 305931