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    ANIMAL DISCO proudly presents
    YES CADETS[/size] **EP LAUNCH**
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    Northern Irelands best kept secret, Yes Cadets have released their first Self Titled EP ‘Yes Cadets‘ on
    October 26th 2009. The four piece outfit hailing from Belfast have been causing a bit of a stir recently since
    releasing their debut single ‘Canada’ at the beginning of September 2009. The release will be followed up
    with a UK and Irish Tour, be sure to check this band out, you will be missing something special if you don’t! YES CADETS Launch their EP in Auntie Annies on November 26th. Support will be from Before Machines and The Flora, The Fauna.
    The EP, ‘Yes Cadets is available now from the bands myspace and all major download sites. More
    information can be found using the links below.

    "The most exciting new band in the country" - Rigsy (BBC ATL)

    "If you haven't heard of Yes Cadets yet, you're going to... tipped for big, big things in 2009/2010." - Rory McConnell (BBC Radio 1)

    "Some bands take their time to befriend you, others such as Belfast-based Yes Cadets shoulder charge their way to the head of the queue through brazen tunefulness. This is sheer sonic wizardry, the sparring vocals, the intriguing left turns and hook-laden loveliness sure to leave the listener well and truly entranced." - Francis Jones, Hot Press Magazine
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    We're really excited to open this show up. Should be great!
  4. avatar Alan Haslam
    Free Yes Cadets EP goody bag to the first thirty takers!
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    this is getting me mightily excited right now!
  6. avatar drive by fader
    It's getting closer...