1. avatar Shredragrammaton
    Hey dudes

    Clearing out some unused stuff;

    2 x EMG 85 pickups , inc quick connect cables. 60

    1 x Korg AX300G (NOT THE 3000G) Effects Processor 40

    1 x York Multigym , Cost 150 , 50

    belfast based

    Also available , 1 x 250watt dual HPS / Metal Halide Growlamp , inc HPS Bulb , for the horticulturalist
  2. avatar bonzo
  3. avatar Valkaine Miki
    I'll take the EMG's if they're not already gone.
    pm me if they're still about.
  4. avatar JamesJamerson
    I'm interested in the multigym - do you know what model it is or have a link with any more info about it?