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    [b:e1735c0426]I am selling a boss rc-20 pedal for 120 open to offers! thanks heres the technical bit......[/b:e1735c0426]
    The RC-20 is a "must-own" pedal for guitarists, bassists and other musicians looking to create and play back loops on the fly.
    Phrase Recording/Sampling pedal for creating and playing back loops
    Guide Click and Loop Quantize allow for creation of perfect loops using footpedals
    Realtime Tempo Change adjusts loop tempo without changing pitch
    Overdub function for creation of "sound-on-sound" loops
    Save 10 looped phrases and 1 "one-shot" phrase at power-off; 5 min. 30 seconds total sampling time
    Mic input, Instrument input and Auxiliary input
    Reverse function for reverse loop playback on the fly

    Nominal Input Level INPUT: -20 dBu (variable)
    MIC: -40 dBu (variable)
    AUX IN: -10 dBu

    Input Impedance INPUT: 1 M ohms
    MIC: 1 k ohms
    AUX IN: 47 k ohms

    Nominal Output Level OUTPUT: -20 dBu

    Output Impedance 1 k ohms

    Recommended Load Impedance 10 k ohms or greater

    Internal Memory Recording Time 5 min. 30 sec. (max.), 10 loop phrases + 1 one-shot phrase (max.)

    Connectors INST Jack, MIC Jack, AUX IN Jack (Stereo miniature phone type), PHRASE SHIFT Jack, REVERSE Jack, OUTPUT Jack

    Power Supply DC 9V: Dry battery (AA type) x 6, AC Adaptor

    Current Draw 85 mA (9V max.) (Expected battery life under continuous use; [Carbon: 9 hours], [Alkaline: 25 hours] These figures will vary depending on the actual conditions of use.)
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    Let us know when this sells, as I want to sell one of these as well, but I'll wait until yours is sold first :)
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