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    [b:0d4e1c9fd9]Ordinary Days Presents:[/b:0d4e1c9fd9]


    [size=200]SILK FLOWERS (NYC, Post Present Medium Records)
    + NO TMRWWS[/size]

    Sunday 8th November
    The Menagerie
    9pm / £6

    [b:0d4e1c9fd9]SILK FLOWERS[/b:0d4e1c9fd9]


    On its self-titled debut released on [b:0d4e1c9fd9]No Age's Post Present Medium label[/b:0d4e1c9fd9], Silk Flowers plays rough-textured, electronic pop that sounds as though it has been pressed from a worn-out cassette tape. The lo-fi quality of the LP reinforces the bittersweet, emotional shadings of singer/multi-instrumentalist Aviram Cohen’s baritone voice—suggesting [b:0d4e1c9fd9]Scott Walker[/b:0d4e1c9fd9] fronting an early [b:0d4e1c9fd9]Mute Records[/b:0d4e1c9fd9] group. Songs lead by vocalist/electronics player Ethan Swan recall the adenoidal Fury-era Chris Thompson backed by a mechanized version of Crass. And the music throughout, anchored by keyboardist Peter Schuette, fits beguiling melodies sometimes reminiscent of [b:0d4e1c9fd9]utopian krautrockers Harmonia and Tangerine Dream[/b:0d4e1c9fd9] into condensed pop structures.

    The group, encompassing one half of Car Clutch (Swan) and former members of Soiled Mattress and the Springs (Cohen, Schuette), creates a sound that bears little resemblance to the musicians’ past efforts. But Silk Flowers has a clearly traceable lineage in the softly spoken history of electronic music and the darker recesses of pop past. The result? A percolating grid of swelling, anthemic keyboards; analog-heaven tape echo; crackling, sometimes-dub-like rhythms; and carefully counterbalanced vocals.


    [b:0d4e1c9fd9]KICKS BLUE[/b:0d4e1c9fd9]

    Kicks Blue, a tiny neon stag, became an acquaintance some 6 months ago. His origin is unknown, We found him on the Isle of Arran (Scotland) grazing on sunbeams. Kicks’ wrote all the tunes you’ll hear – everything - all the soaring melodies, banging beats and glitchy rain showers. All we do is sing over the top. Kicks’ is the brain, we're the brawn.


    [b:0d4e1c9fd9]NO TMRWWS[/b:0d4e1c9fd9]

    NO TMRWWS is a new project featuring one half of [b:0d4e1c9fd9]JL Seagull[/b:0d4e1c9fd9] all by himself with mostly only a very cheap keyboard, a drum machine and a multi FX pedal for company. Expect a forthcoming release on [b:0d4e1c9fd9]Cass/Flick[/b:0d4e1c9fd9] (home of [b:0d4e1c9fd9]High Places, Lucky Dragons[/b:0d4e1c9fd9]). The echo-laden dream pop of myspace track 'The Way' will give you a pretty good idea of what he's about in the meantime.

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