1. avatar rl-vl
    Just letting you know my debut 12" release is now available to buy on various online stores.


    Electronic / Dubstep label Kinnego Records started by Boxcutter out of Northern Ireland is back! After the success of the first release (by Boxcutter himself) he introduces the masses to a producer named ‘Space Dimension Controller’ the techno funk alias of 19-year-old Jack Hamill. Following on perfectly from Boxcutter and Kinnego Flux’s “A Familiar Sound” on KGO001, it features 2 tracks of deep, loved-up electro. Equally inspired by both the tape warped soundtrack to Garth Merenghi’s Darkplace and early Aphex Twin, Jack’s all analogue production gives his tracks a timeless sound that’s a mile away from contemporary electro and house. The beats are low slung and funky, and the melodies are addictive and show a natural flair. On “The Love Quadrant”, a girl / boy vocal exchange sets the scene while the track builds momentum, before the whole thing spaces off on a sweet minimoog solo. On the flip, “Electropod-250 Collision” has a deep 808 pulse and flanged bass, topped off with Detroit-inspired melodies and blurred out reverbs.

    [url=http://www.chemical-records.co.uk/sc/servlet/Info?Track=KGO002]Chemical Records[/url]


    [url=http://www.myspace.com/spacedimensioncontroller]SDC MySpace[/url]
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    This stuff is absolutely great