1. avatar faux

    Science Halloween Party in Auntie Annies Attic.

    We have prizes for best and worst costumes and free drinks of the Mad Scientist's Potion for the people who arrive early. Make sure you take advantage of our 9pm opening time and get some of the Mad Scientist's Potion (pleasing taste, some monsterism). The resident DJs FAUX play a selection of energetic electronica with a smattering of dance floor indie. Expect to hear savage synths, bouncing beats, jangling guitars and some Halloween themed nonsense.

    it's gonna be messy!

    Science Halloween Party.
    Saturday 31st October.
    Auntie Annies Attic.
    Hosted by FAUX.
    9 - Late. | 5

  2. avatar faux
    free booze* and prizes including: tickets for Ian Brown, Ash and others. t-shirts, etc. mon down. :D