1. avatar Daz

    This week's Blast:Live takes place in the newly re-opened Bunker @ Lavery's and features two of Belfast's best bands!

    [size=200]Black Bear Saloon[/size]


    Rising from the ashes of Northern Irish underground heroes Throat, Element and From Where I Stand, the Black Bear Saloon first opened its doors in 2007 to rave reviews from national and international media. Comprising of singer Aaron Abernethy, bassist Rus Cookes, guitarist Pete McCavery and tub thumper Mike Barr, the boys practised in their secret hideout for months before unveiling their jarring, riff-based rock to the public with a series of raucous, life affirming gigs that appealed to a gaggle of Irish fans who appreciate grooves that would make Clutch all tingly in the nether regions, razor-sharp riffs, and melodies that will tattoo the brain in an instant.


    [size=200]Dirty Stevie[/size]


    "What can you say about Dirty Stevie? Brash, loud, unrepentant, they deserve to fail for so many reasons. Having labelled themselves the best band in the country, on the evidence of this record itís becoming harder to argue with them. Bastards."
    (The News Letter)

    "The best band in the country."
    (Alternative Ulster)

    "One of Belfastís best and most entertaining bands."
    (The Big List)



    Doors 8PM
    First Band 8.30PM
    FREE into CLUB GIGANTIC afterwards.
  2. avatar Daz
    This is tonight!!