1. avatar Fernando
    I have a Roland Juno D Synth and Roland PK5 Dynamic Midi Pedalboard for sale, both are in excellent condition with all leads, boxes and manuals. I have been using these in our live setup and it has really been like having another member in the band. Check out links for info.



    I am looking for 200 for each of these and I will only sell as a pair (unless somebody want the PK5 seperately as I will be unable to demonstrate the PK5 without a keyboard, hope this makes sense).
  2. avatar Fernando
    Newton Faulkner just used one of these devices on the Paul O'Grady show.

    I know, there is plenty wrong with that sentence but just in case you are interested in seeing what a creative tool the Roland PK5 can be. I am sure you could watch the performance on You Tube.
  3. avatar bigguskeefus
    Hi mate,

    I may be interested in the PK5 but i'm not sure about the juno. i have several synths and modules and i kinda fancy the pk5 cos some of the music our new band play are in the style of Rush so pedal controllers would be a good move as we are a three piece. does the pk5 have any on board sounds or is it just a midi controller?
  4. avatar bigguskeefus
    hi i was saying about the PK5 im definitely interested in the pk5 and my mate is interested in the Juno D i sent u a PM with my details if ur interested let me know asap as he is looking at some other stuff. cheers bro

  5. avatar oxjam/belfast/09
    Hello, very late, but interested in the roland juno. Is it still for sale? krisyboy808@gmail.com