1. avatar darkprince07
    Got a pretty old vinyl and cd-in DJ console with 2x Cloud vs2500 decks.
    For quick sale as its taking up alot of space in my room and I've got 1000's of vinyl to sort through. I'm not selling the vinyl yet as I'm cataloging it all, some rare records involved here.
    I haven't a clue what the console and decks are of value but the first 100 secures, O.N.O.

    I may sell the vinyls aswell, but minimum I could possibly go for the whole lot is about 750. That'd be for around 2500 vinyls from 1955-1994 and the DJ console. I've catalogued 290 of the vinyls already and Alphabetized the rest....these vinyls include Elvis Presley, Shadows, Who, Beatles, Status Quo, Deep Purple, Sex Pistols, Hawkwind, Jethro Tull, Nazareth, Jackons, Michael Jackson, Abba, Alice Cooper and many MANY more.

    So 750 the lot
    Or offers around 100 for the console (o.n.o)

    Heres a pic of the console.
  2. avatar darkprince07
    Open to offers on the DJ Console......