1. avatar Hors D'oeuvres
    I'm selling my POD...if you're reading this topic you probably already know what it is/does. It's an emulator of effects/cabs/amplifiers.

    I'm only selling mine because I'm not gigging with electric guitar these days. It's great for bringing to gigs (only used mine live few times, actually) for either running straight into the PA if there are problems with amplifiers being available or you can bypass all of the amp/cab emulators and use it through an amp as a handy stompbox rig. It's also good fun to use for processing sounds if you're into "electronic music" (try running a drum machine through it in stereo, ha).

    But yeah, it's mostly useful for guitarists or effect-using bass players, especially in live settings. I've seen PODs get a bad rap for not being as "warm" or "punchy" (haha) as "vintage" gear but to my ears they do a pretty decent job at emulating "classic" sounds, and are especially good at producing more modern overdrives/distortions/digital delays etc.

    Mine is in great condition (less than a year old), no major scrapes/scratches - the display is unmarked. I have all of the original packaging and power supply/manual etc. If I don't get a sale here I'll only end up eBaying it.

    I'm looking for 200 (cheapest I could see for a new sale was around 265 online) but I'm open to reasonable offers. I can meet in Belfast or Derry (Living in Derry though). PM me if you're interested....
  2. avatar Bileofwood
    This is hands down a bargain. I spent 310 on mine less than a year ago and it's one of the best bits of music tech you can get.
  3. avatar michaeljohn21
    My first post!
    hi just wondering do you still have the pod x3 live for sale? im interested in buying one. cheers michael
  4. avatar Hors D'oeuvres
    Yeah dude I'm still thinking about selling it. I'd be prepared to let it go for 200....
  5. avatar michaeljohn21
    ave you a phone number. im in cavan? how much in euro is the best youll do it for
  6. avatar Hors D'oeuvres
    I'd sell it for 230 Euro and you'd have to meet me in Belfast/Derry (Belfast probably being the closer of the two) because I have no form of long-distance transport other than public....

    Best I can do, I'm aware that this is still relatively cheap for a (good condition) second-hand Pod X3.
  7. avatar michaeljohn21
    would you take 200 euro and i could go to derry to pick it up or where ever you are living?
  8. avatar Hors D'oeuvres
    Sorry dude but I'm going to have to decline. I'm not too worried about traveling to Belfast or something to arrange a pick up, because I could arrange it for some time when I'll be in Belfast anyway. I just don't think it's worth letting go for any less than I've stated.

    It's still open though - up to you, so let me know.
  9. avatar michaeljohn21
    ok then whats the closest to cavan you coukd come?
  10. avatar Hors D'oeuvres
    I could probably meet you in Omagh, if I were to get a bus between Derry and Belfast. Although there wouldn't be much time, it would have to be a case of me giving you the POD in its box and you giving me the cash, then I'd have to head on because I think the bus only stops in Omagh for around 10/15 minutes. Otherwise, it'd have to be Derry or Belfast...although there would be more time in Derry/Belfast for you to take it out and have a look etc. (Although I assure you it's in great condition, with the power cables etc)

    Let me know....Probably the nearest date I could meet you on would be the 4th/5th of December. That's when I'm heading to Belfast...busy working etc up until then.
  11. avatar michaeljohn21
    cool omagh sounds good. is this pedal definitely working 100 perecent. it would be good to hear it in action with a guitar and amp before i buy, if possible. i could meet you at the bus station. can you only meet there in early december? heres my email cos i think you can only post 10 times here in one night. michaeljohn21@hotmail.com can you email me a phone number to ring you about meeting up?