1. avatar christhomas2008
    Set of Peavey pro 12p speakers for sale with stands. These are in mint condition, never been gigged with, just used in the house.

    Am looking for £300, i can deliver these myself, as long as ur not too far from Belfast

    email me at


  2. avatar artyfufkin
    Are these powered speakers?
  3. avatar christhomas2008
    yep they are powered

    Peavey Pro 12's features include:
    Bi-amplified powered system with 270 Watts total peak dynamic power
    Both power amps haveDDT™ compression
    12 inch heavy duty woofer

    RX™14 1.4 inch titanium compression driver
    Peak SPL up to 120 dB with music
    Combo jack with 1/4 inch TRS and Female XLR mic or line-level balanced input
    Two 1/4 inch phone jack inputs with concentric level controls
    Molded-in horn has exceptionally smooth response and pattern control
    Molded side handles and top handgrip
  4. avatar salfhal
    [quote:3428e0eb43="PastyBap"]haha, cheaper on this site!


    Also this is listed in two threads one @ £300 another at £275, these speakers sell for around £220/pair new (without stands).
  5. avatar oxo
    [quote:f9266add5e="salfhal"][quote:f9266add5e="PastyBap"]haha, cheaper on this site!


    Also this is listed in two threads one @ £300 another at £275, these speakers sell for around £220/pair new (without stands).[/quote:f9266add5e]

    They are powered speakers,nevada music speakers @£220 are not powered.;)