1. avatar Shredragrammaton
    Hey guys

    Financial troubles cause me to let a portion of my books go.

    Alchemy and Mysticism - Taschen
    The Secret History Of The World
    The Gnostic Gospels
    Templar Revelations
    The Earth Chronicles Explained
    The Greater Key of Solomon - Mathers
    777 and other qabalistic writings - Crowley
    The Secret Teachings of the Ages - Manly P Hall
    Philosopher Stone
    Encyclopedia of Mystical Symbols Hardback
    The Genesis Race
    Druid Animal Deck

    80 takes them all

    2 Leatherbound Antique Masonic Encyclopaedia 1800s , 200 ono

    1 Antique Hardback Embossed GOETIA , SL Mathers edition 100ono

    Take the lot for 350 ono

    All mint condition , ideal for second hand bookshop / new age store
  2. avatar Major Disaster
    Got any Harry Potter?
  3. avatar The enfant terrible
    Is this stuff giving you bad dreams?
  4. avatar Shredragrammaton
    No - if you read the post you would see FINANCIAL TROUBLES mentioned.

    Your reply is giving me bad dreams though; That im you , on a stage , trying to do standup.
    Now that IS a nightmare.