1. avatar Ric_vdb
    [b:4793fdf0dc]*UPDATE 18/02/11 - [size=200]£50[/size] Takes it*


    A rare discontinued pedal. Its essentially a nasty distortion/ring modulator – each function can be used alone, or you can blend between the two. Perhaps most notably used by Mike Einziger of Incubus (‘Glass’ & ‘Smile Lines’ for example).

    [quote:4793fdf0dc]One of the coolest effects DOD ever made and then they sadly discontinued it. Take a decent run of the mill distortion, then take a limited ring modulator, fuse them together and somehow it all adds up to one amazing pedal. The Gonkulator is one twisted effect that can coerce out all kinds of atonal metallic clinks, robotic drones, and sick shortwave sounds out of your unsuspecting guitar. Due to its overall kookiness the Ring Modulator isn't found on a lot of pedalboards but is a great one trick pedal to have in your miscellaneous effects palette. Adventurous bands like Broadcast , Devo, Sonic Youth and Tool have all used the ring modulator to great effect. We've spotted these new in the box at mom and pop music stores. They also show up on Ebay all time so don't be afraid to lay down some cash for this crazy clangy box.[/quote:4793fdf0dc]



    I paid a good bit for this pedal when I got it on ebay, so realistic offers only!
    In 100% working order. Runs on a 9v Battery or your standard 'Boss' adapter.
    Based in Belfast, if you would like to try it out.

    [size=200]£50 takes it![/size]
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  2. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    How much are you lookin for this?
  3. avatar Antisocialiser

    Glass is such a chooooon
  4. avatar Ric_vdb
    [b:eb7d369b97]A little demo of the pedal, featuring someone who isn't me...

  5. avatar comprachio
    Used on 'On your own' by blur if memory serves. Intriguing wee pedal.
  6. avatar mattdowie92
    Hey, how much are you selling the pedal for?
  7. avatar Ric_vdb
    I paid £110 for this pedal on eBay.

    [b:bf1f366625]£80[/b:bf1f366625] for a quick sale.
  8. avatar Ric_vdb
    Reduced today - £50 for a quick sale!
  9. avatar Basey
  10. avatar anty2
    if it was next friday my paws would be all over this
  11. avatar Fuzz89
    Longest of long shots...
    Is this still up for grabs?