1. avatar maximuscle
    Brand new Haro F2 BMX (excluding stunt pegs)+ premium heavy duty lock & key (25), never been riden, Make a perfect x-mas gift or if your a rider, would make a nice addition to your collection.

    Asking price: [b:ab04cf3d28]130[/b:ab04cf3d28]
    Reason for selling: Laptop broke before new bikes arrival, so need it fixed.

    If intrested please email me, pm me: [b:ab04cf3d28]khrisfelloni@hotmail.co.uk[/b:ab04cf3d28]
    or phone me: [b:ab04cf3d28]075000894237[/b:ab04cf3d28]
    Buyer must be able to collect in North Belfast
  2. avatar Wakeuphate.com
    Just vouching for this wee bike, it's sturdy as fuck! - And that's a helluvva price.
  3. avatar maximuscle
    thanks wakeup,

    Yea this bike is excellent and the price I assure you cannot be beaten anywere. Its still on the market for those intrested.
  4. avatar Garzo
    If I could get mine sold I would definitely take it. Eager to get back into the BMX-ing now the knee is better.
  5. avatar maximuscle

    Thanks for all the intrest.