1. avatar talentshowcasetv
    My first post!
    TalentShowcase.tv launching this Autumn is building a video database of the country's best regional talent. Each artists listing has a unique URL enabling video, audio samples and bio to be accessed with a single click. Our next FREE auditions are in Belfast on 7&8 November at the Wellington Park Hotel. For details see www.talentshowcase.tv.
  2. avatar tinpot anto
    Auditions = Free

    Being on the site = how much?
  3. avatar talentshowcasetv
    The cost of an annual Premium Listing on www.talentshowcase.tv is a 99 deposit (to create the video, studio recording and listing page)then 19 monthly. Our pricing has been set to allow acts to cover the annual cost with a single booking in most cases.

    The top act from each free audition session wins a Premium Listing for 12 months.

    The unique URL to an act's page can be used by artists in their own publicity or hyperlinked from their website. We also offer a full booking service for an additional charge.

    Other services include website design and hosting, photography and DVD production

    Full pricing details are at www.talentshowcase.tv/pricing.html
  4. avatar Deadlights
    haha! thanks Anto

    This looked too good to be true until you squeezed the small print out of him.
  5. avatar Gironans
    So it's basically Myspace with an embedded youtube vid? Except
    at great cost?

    Magic. Where do we sign.
  6. avatar Deadlights
    You forgot cheaper looking, less popular and less user friends (by the looks of things)
  7. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    I'd like to see their "videos" - most likely a camcorder in the corner of the room with the band performing in a hotel lobby. Not exactly the best way to sell yourself.
  8. avatar Chi-Lite
    Class. Look at "Joseph McWilliams"!
  9. avatar T Entertainment
    I love the capitalised 'FREE' in 'FREE AUDITION'.
    Fuck. Off.
  10. avatar tinpot anto
    Fucking magic bean hawking dream parasites!
  11. avatar atomike
    this is actually worse than the "pay 100 to have your song on a compilation CD". Get out of town you bloody Shysters. END OF.
  12. avatar Deestroyer



    Not in my house baby.
  13. avatar BinaryOperator
    [quote:f02105b961="Chi-Lite"]Class. Look at "Joseph McWilliams"![/quote:f02105b961]

    Oh jesus.

    "song writer, [b:f02105b961]performaer[/b:f02105b961] and pianist"

    (my emphasis added)

    Who writes this shit?

  14. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:bfd93535c1="BinaryOperator"]"song writer, [b:bfd93535c1]performaer[/b:bfd93535c1] and pianist"[/quote:bfd93535c1]

    Jeeze, what did you expect for 100 quid? Spell checking ain't cheap you know.
  15. avatar talentshowcasetv
    We have been asked to justify our optional production fees and explain how our service differs from what individuals can post themselves to sites such a MySpace. Here are the main points:
    [*] Our service includes a professional studio recording of up to 3 audio tracks for each artist. In this case [url=www.railwaystudios.com]The Railway Studios, Lisburn[/url]recorded and mixed by record producer Ross Cullen. We'll be adding a gallery of the first session soon.
    [*] As part of the free audition and screen test process artists receive an assessment of their talent and potential from a professional vocal coach, choreographer etc. Our auditions are open to all types of act.
    [*] Artists can choose a studio video or live session filmed on broadcast quality cameras. Video production is under the direction of Mike Smythe, formerly with BBC television. We only have the audition reel live at the moment and the dedicated video channel will launch once we have completed further audition rounds.
    [*] Artists in each category will be promoted to potential employers. One booking generally covers more than a years costs. We could not do this is we allowed an uncontrolled upload of material.
    [*] Production charges are entirely optional. If an artist already has this material the production fee does not apply.
    [*] All pricing is on the website included with the original post. We have no hidden charges.
    [*] Our audio/video production facilities are available to all whether or not you wish to apply for a listing. We can produce and embed a video in any website.

    We need to cater to a wide range of tastes so not all acts will be to your liking. We are happy to receive constructive comments and answer your questions at any time.
  16. avatar tinpot anto
    So if you already have recorded material and a high quality Vid. You just pay the 19 a month for you to host it?

    Why is that better than the much more heavily used free sites such as myspace or even reverbnation?

    Why is the 99 described as a deposit?

    Are you effectively saying that an artist approaching you can buy a professional 3 song recording and a broadcast quality video for 99?

    So let's say I turn up in a tube top and hotpants and you like audition. I pay you then just 99 pounds and you record me a broadcast quality Vid and a 3 track pro demo. Then I pay you 19 quid a mo to put it on your site?
  17. avatar Deadlights
    and who owns the rights to the recorded songs?

    If its the band, then i'd be up for it. Purely for the fact that its high quality recording of 3 tracks for 99!
  18. avatar BinaryOperator
    [quote:2513efdf4f="tinpot anto"]
    So let's say I turn up in a tube top and hotpants and you like audition. I pay you then just 99 pounds and you record me a broadcast quality Vid and a 3 track pro demo. Then I pay you 19 quid a mo to put it on your site?[/quote:2513efdf4f]

    Anto if you turn up in hotpants and a tube top I'll pay for a feckin month's hosting, that is if I do not die from laughing, or vomit up my pelvis. CAKE!

    Yet another image I do not need, lol.
  19. avatar Smallsquare
    [url=http://www.songpoemmusic.com/what_is.htm]TALENTED SONGWRITERS NEEDED[/url]
  20. avatar salfhal
    I'd be interested for them to reply and answer the questions above...

    I can't imagine that there would be anything produced for 99, that'll get you a few hours practice at Railway Studios. Similarly, I can't imagine Ross signing up to record any old shite, why endanger your reputation WHILE losing money?

    I think they're saying you can "sign up" for 99. They'll do you the honour of introducing you to the studio (why in gods name you'd need any help I have no idea) which you will cover the cost of yourself. On top of that if you want a video done you can pay for that yourself also??

    Could we have the terms qualified please?
  21. avatar salfhal
    Just checked their website there...

    Would appear that they've created a "X Factor" type audition, with "judges", which they film... < errr...

    They then offer a "online profile" < MySpace... You can buy and host your own .com website for less than 99

    You can change your video "once a year" < YouTube/MySpace Video... Unlimited usage unlike this.

    They talk about "if anyone wants a magician etc then they can find it easily".... It is basically a talent agency, except rather than taking a percentage of earnings like most, this "company" will charge you for the pleasure. Seems rather like those dodgy modelling agencies you hear about. The same rule applies; if the company want money to represent you, then stay away. They have your money already, so why try to find work for an act that you will earn no commission on?
  22. avatar atomike
    This "Mike Smyth formerly of BBC television" could've just as easily worked in the BBC light bulb changing department... just because he says he's from the BBC doesn't mean he has anything to do with filming or production.
  23. avatar exportsimsie
    fuck off.
  24. avatar worsethingshappenatsea
    Mike actually worked in the Canteen, along side Susan...you know her...the one with the dodgy facial hair...lovely girl