1. avatar Shredragrammaton
    Hey dudes

    I have the following for sale

    2 x EMG 85s with quick connect cables 70

    1 x Korg AX300g effects board 80

    I have made an amp from a cambridge audio / Creative labs subwoofer and some pine speakers , in wood surround , which the korg mounts to ontop. I would sell as a whole for 130 . This thing packs serious punch for what it is.

    2 x Antique Masonic Encyclopaedias , unedited degree rituals , highly ornamented hardback , great condition 200

    1 x Antique Goetia , Hardback embossed with gold ornation , S. L. MacGregor Mathers Edition 100

    1 x York multigym bench , benchpress , peckdeck , leg exstenions , pulldown bar etc. 50

  2. avatar wannabeflea
    Do the EMGs come with the wiring harness (pots/switch/stereo jack)?
  3. avatar remaderyan
    Hi Do you have a model no for the Multi Gym thing?

    Also if its the thing i'm thinking of will it fit in the average car?
  4. avatar Fernando
    Hi. PM'ed ya. Thanks.