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    My first post!
    Hey guys. I hate to be one of those 'joined-to-post-an-event' people, but youve gotta start somewhere. :)

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    [b:0941b4a9f8]POLARI [/b:0941b4a9f8]is a brand new queer alternative clubnight which aims to celebrate queer culture both past and present. Everyone is welcome - queer, straight, whatever...just do us a favour and keep it respectful. [i:0941b4a9f8]No homophobia, no heterophobia[/i:0941b4a9f8]...[u:0941b4a9f8]no phobias without a doctors note.[/u:0941b4a9f8]

    [b:0941b4a9f8]Polari[/b:0941b4a9f8] is a celebration of individuality and diversity, a sanctuary for the forward thinkers and the music lovers and most importantly...[b:0941b4a9f8]Polari[/b:0941b4a9f8] is a chance to dance with your mates, wear your facepaints and let go for one night without drama, without politics and without pretention.

    [b:0941b4a9f8]Fancy a dance?[/b:0941b4a9f8] We aim to play pretty much everything. We dont want to pin ourselves down to one genre, so youre as likely to hear Madonna as you are Bikini Kill, The Supremes or Iggy Pop. Wanna hear something in particular? Email us your requests or bring a cd on the night.

    We are proud to be launching alongside the Outburst Queer Arts Festival and we are the only official clubnight of the week, so please do check out their [url=http://www.outburstarts.com/]website[/url] for the full rundown.

    [b:0941b4a9f8][size=200]POLARI :: NOVEMBER 19TH 09[/size]

    Free entry before 9.30pm /// 3 after

    Pavilion, Ormeau Road, Belfast[/b:0941b4a9f8]

    [url=http://www.facebook.com/ohirome#/group.php?gid=146762453343&ref=ts]Polari Facebook :: leave requests, comments, anything![/url]


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    [quote:7255f8c013="Lucy Lu"]sold![/quote:7255f8c013]

    Wooohoo! See you there!

    Just a reminder that Outburst Queer Arts Festival launches later this week - so dont be a stranger, its open to everyone.