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    [b:c8434c3981]KORG TR61 WORKSTATION[/b:c8434c3981]

    Great condition. Gigged maybe twice but mostly used in my studio. Its under 2 years old. I don't use it much anymore since getting an SP250.

    It's essentially an updated Korg Triton with USB connectivity so you can plug it into your computer but also loads of great sounds as a standalone synth. Great live keyboard and great studio keyboard. Cost 700 new and generally go for 400-500 on ebay.

    [url=http://www.korg.com/product.aspx?pd=191]Click here for a full spec and description[/url]

    [b:c8434c3981]400 or
    475 with custom hardcase.[/b:c8434c3981]

    Feel free to come around and try it.
    [u:c8434c3981]PLEASE email[/u:c8434c3981] if you're interested as I rarely check PMs on here; deci@thejanebradfords.com
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    Just to reiterate, there isn't much room for negotiation! So please, if you're making an offer make it realistic!!!

    Will throw in a keyboard stand as well.
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    Last bump before Ebay!