1. avatar mblair
    Greetings Fastfuders,

    Just a quick ad to put out there that I'm currently available for guitar lessons in the Carrickfergus/Newtownabbey/Whitehead area.

    I have a year's experience of teaching, from adolescents to children as young as 7.

    I currently have spots for 5 or 6 more students (possibly more if demand dictates).

    I have a set rate of 10 for a 45 minute lesson.

    Home tutoring is also available (providing you don't live to far away! :) )

    My lessons entail from the very basics and beginnings to that tricky intermediate 'stuck in a rut' stage to the more advanced of techniques and concepts of guitar and music in general.

    If you're interested or would like to chat about the lessons in more detail, give me a call on 07588321448.

    Thanks for reading - Matt.
  2. avatar Adam2550
    Hello m8

    Areyou still teching guitar? I,m wanting to get lessins but I can,t really afford them as I buy all my money on cloths and driving lessons. Can you give me some lessins fro free?

    Thanks u buddy
  3. avatar berlinlove
    I'd pay.