1. avatar kelseymckennamusic
    HI I am selling my little brothers drum kit for him. It is one year old but has not really been used since it was bought last Christmas.
    It is a Tornado kit which is made by Mapex. It was purchased from Mr Drums so you will know it is not one of the dirt cheap Chinese imports.
    The kit is made up of Bass Drum, Floor Tom, Small Tom, Medium Tom, Snare along with Hi Hat and cymbals.
    The kit itself is in very good conditon although you would probably want to replace the cymbals. The cymbals are similar to most cymbals that come with starter kits i.e pretty poor. They still do the job but it will probably be something you will want to change.
    The kit also comes with a full set of silencer pads that we bought to keep a happy house from any extra noise. The pads cost 35 and have again hardly been used.
    The kit is for sale for 110 complete with the pads or for 100 without them.
    The kit would make an excelent Christmas present and are set up in my house at the minute so there is no problem with seeing them set up etc.
    Please give me a shout if you are interested. You can phone us on 02827665338.
    By the way it is black in colour.
  2. avatar daniel_linden
    My first post!
    Hey do you still have that drum kit? where abouts do you live? Im looking a kit for my brother for Christmas, and we live in Belfast.
    my email is daniel_linden@hotmail.co.uk
  3. avatar kelseymckennamusic
    Hi sorry my mum decided that we should keep it in case my little bro decides to start playing again.