1. avatar forevertwisted
    [b:6be05a315f]Jackson DKMGT for sale[/b:6be05a315f]
    Very similiar to this

    Only with a push/pull pot for an EMG afterburner, which engages a battery for switching between active/passive play. Really useful for when you dont want high gain clean sounds

    Will have to take actual pictures later as its impossible to find the actual finish and model online
    It has a Black to Green translucent finish

    [b:6be05a315f]BC Rich Warlock[/b:6be05a315f]

    Great for beginner / Project guitar
    Good playability and is in great condition

    Looking for 320 for Jackson and 120 for BC Rich
    Would be interested in trades to get playing with some new gear

    Particularly interested in Strat/Tele type guitars for cleaner sounds

  2. avatar blacklabel
    ant interest in one of these?