1. avatar bigguskeefus
    Hi I have three pedals for sale all of which have never been gigged and have just been used in any recording work I've done.

    Vox Satchurator was 99 new will accept 70 ono

    Toadworks Mr Ed very good for plexi tyope sounds and can get u close to the 'brown' sound it even has a 'brown' dial instead of a 'drive' button. was 90 will accept 60 ono

    Vox Cooltron 'Brit Boost' this is a great tone and gain boost with a built in valve it sits well in front of a gain stage kicking it into higher sustain there are great reviews of it on youtube (which is the same for the other pedals they give u a great idea what they are like.) I'm looking 60 for this which cost me 130 new its a great deal again none of these pedals have been gigged or taken out of the house i will try to get some pictures up.

  2. avatar jab
    Im curious about the vox cooltron brit boost, I saw a great demo on it on youtube and it sounds great but I've also been looking at the danelectro cool cat drive on the internet for a while now, can you tell me more about the vox?

    BTW I currently use a Vox ac4 tv valve amp.
  3. avatar bigguskeefus
    its basically a tone boost and is great in front of any valve amp i used to use it in front of my ac 30 to try and get that brian may sound and i have a vox ac10 from 1963 which sings like an angel and even more so when u put this in front of it. i imagine it would be great with your ac4 there is a full range switch on it which thickens the tone up too and is a great extra to have.

    I use a marshall tsl 602 when i gig now which isnt that often as most of my playing is done in church for our worship team so i dont need it but my pedals are way surplus to requirements hence the sale at silly prices.
  4. avatar jab
    SO sorry I'm a bit confused now, it is an overdrive pedal right?
  5. avatar thecomeons_2
    yeah, "boost" and "overdrive" are interchangeable. "boost" is the term they used backin the day when amps only had only one channel or now channel-switching
  6. avatar jab
    Ok thanks.
  7. avatar bigguskeefus
    yeah its an overdrive with tones of tone but because im an old codger we called them tone boosters lol
  8. avatar jab
    Ok I'll get back to you, still unsure which pedal I will eventually buy but I'll keep this in mind.
  9. avatar jab
    I think I will leave this, thanks anyway.