1. avatar cheesegrater10
    Ibanez GSR 200 Soundgear bass, pearl white, absolute mint condition, black schaller strap locks added will throw in a good quality ibanez gig bag
    Super thin fast neck, active pick ups, Phat II bass boost, 100, pick up in central Belfast.


    Ashdown MAG 300 C115 Bass combo
    Great sounding amp, nice tone, DI out so great for gigs, again excellent condition, 200.


    Behringer TU300 pedal tuner, 10.

    Boss ODB3 Bass overdrive pedal, 30.

    All gear is as new and well priced.

    PM if interested.
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  2. avatar cheesegrater10
  3. avatar cheesegrater10
    Any offers?
  4. avatar thedevilsreject
    Interested in the tuner where you based
  5. avatar cheesegrater10
    Lisburn road.
  6. avatar cheesegrater10
    Bump for reasonable offers?
  7. avatar adambrown123
  8. avatar Rubbersoul
    Is the bass still available?
  9. avatar cheesegrater10
    yea still available, amp is gone though. PM me if you wanna have a look, it's in mint condition though and I'll throw in a decent gig bag and some leads.