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    The Beat Initiative/Belfast Carnival presents...

    [size=200][b:9edb3c6944]FLY BUTTERFLY[/b:9edb3c6944][/size]

    Featuring a live music stage hosted by [b:9edb3c6944]Love Music Hate Racism...[/b:9edb3c6944]

    Kicks off at [b:9edb3c6944]12pm[/b:9edb3c6944] in the grounds of [b:9edb3c6944]City Hall[/b:9edb3c6944]


    [b:9edb3c6944]COLENSO PARADE[/b:9edb3c6944]
    Colenso Parade like all the best bands are a tight gang of old friends. Their soulful indie exudes romance, melodies and attitude with nods to the classic song writing partnerships and a majority share of home made originality. Their storytelling is brimming with blue eyed romance, jaded heartbreak and wry observations. Plaudits from institutions as NME, AU Magazine, Radio 1, ATL and Hotpress Magazine suggest these catchy tunes are not to be ignored!.

    Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit 'em, but remember it's a sin not to listen to Colenso Parade, they don't do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. They don't eat up people's gardens, don't nest in corncribs, they don't do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That's why it's a sin not to listen to Colenso Parade.

    [b:9edb3c6944]TEN GALLON HAT AND THE BIG SALUTE[/b:9edb3c6944]
    Just back from a hugely successful gig at industry festival 'Itchycoo Park' in Somerset, it is now more apparent than ever that Ten Gallon Hat and the Big Salute are destined for big things. Their music is electrifying, rockin' country blues with a contemporary twist and their live shows are foot-stompingly lively thanks to their excellent stage presence and energy.

    Lead singer, Kris Telford's voice is both strong and sweet , rough and smooth, lending itself perfectly to the band's varied set. The rest of the band are all equally good musicians; Eamon Lynch on guitar, John McCourt on bass, Chris Blackwell on keys and Dean Irwin on percussion and kit; and together they provide an incredibly tight outfit who will get your juices flowing.

    Since the release of their debut EP ‘New Horizons,’ Ten Gallon Hat & The Big Salute have gained widespread popularity on the live circuit and have been invited to play in a wide range of popular venues and summer festivals including, Glasgowbury, The UTV Country Festival in the Kings Hall, Willowstone Festival, The New Moon Showcase at Spring & Airbrake and ‘Gifted’ at the Empire. The band has also gained extensive radio coverage both in Ireland and the UK and has recorded sessions for BBC’s Across the Line and U105 Radio.

    [b:9edb3c6944]JOE LINDSAY (DJing)[/b:9edb3c6944]
    Joe has been with BBC Northern Ireland for more than a decade now. He first cut his teeth on Across The Line and has presented a number of programmes for BBC Radio Ulster.

    He can also presented numerous programmes for BBC Northern Ireland including the popular travel programme Getaways and the current series
    of the magazine programme Inside Out.

    Joe, who regularly DJs at clubs across Northern Ireland, spends most of his spare time painting and shopping for vinyl records.