1. avatar loveisthelaw
    [b:d36a8f608f]Tama steele snare drum, 10 x 6, well treated will even change skin for 40, 90 new. Alternativly will accept trade of some metal piccolo snare in a similar condition and price range, around 13x3.[b][/b:d36a8f608f]

    [b:d36a8f608f] Chubby Brown- Live in Brighton DVD, all regions will 8.00, unwanted present of Racist so and so, badly want rid of it, will accept cash, or DVD by HG WELLS (anything other than Time Machine. Already got it and want to eventully have all his films[/b:d36a8f608f]


    [b:d36a8f608f]All books are in excellant condition,however the first 2 are only a fiver new so, would prefare trades. They are phrase books published by Lonley Planet, one is on Hebrew and the other Russian. Interested in something by Rex Dutta, for anyone who knows who he is.[/b:d36a8f608f]

    [b:d36a8f608f]The following below are hard back, great nick will accept trades or cash[/b:d36a8f608f]

    [b:d36a8f608f]Pegasus In Space by Anne McCaffery 5.00, Children of Hurim by JRR Tolkien,8.00. Will sell both for 12, other wise writters Im interested in include: Robert Heinlein: (anything apart from The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and Number of The Beast, Piers Anthony, Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe[/b:d36a8f608f]
  2. avatar loveisthelaw
    Bump! Anyone?
  3. avatar loveisthelaw
    why is nobody interested ?
  4. avatar Chi-Lite
    Because you're an absolute rocket.

    If you had a "Twitter" I'd be interested in that, just to hear what completely random stuff you come off with every day of the week.

    Keep er lit, In Prog!:lol:
  5. avatar loveisthelaw
    Cheers. I dont have twitter but Im frequently on facebook. However when I saw a responce by someone other than myself I thought I had a sale:(