1. avatar SimonC
    Very rare/collectible PRS Soapbar MK1 Electric Guitar.

    This guitar is one of only 60 ever made in this arctic white finish.
    Furthermore the SE Single cut is no longer being manufactured.

    The guitar has been upgraded with top quality Grover Locking machineheads and Tonerider P90 pickups.It plays wonderfully with a low / medium action and fast wide neck. It really looks the business but does have some very small dings and a couple of places where the paint has gone on the headstock. However nothing out of the ordinary for a used guitar.

    As this is such a rare guitar it will hold its value and may even appreciate in the future. It would be very difficult to find another. The upgrades have only improved an already awesome guitar.

    Comes with a very strong PRS gig bag and truss rod wrench.
    Pics on request.


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  2. avatar jab
    Pics please.
  3. avatar SimonC
    Not the best photo - as I dont have a digital camera to hand but ...
  4. avatar SimonC
  5. avatar SimonC
  6. avatar SimonC
    Really surprised that this hasn't been snapped up - this thing is SWEET!
    Lovely weight, finish and easy to play neck. Great guitar with some fantastic upgrades that cost a right bit.

    Give me your offers ... I can only say no!
  7. avatar jab
    Why are you selling it if it's so good?

    BTW I'm not interested in buying it.
  8. avatar SimonC
    [quote:d0ab8a1251="jab"]Why are you selling it if it's so good?[/quote:d0ab8a1251]

    I buy and sell a lot of guitars Jab. I've played many guitars over the last twenty years from 50 - 15k. For the money - this guitar is a steal. Well built, great feel and some worthy upgrades. I'm selling as there are a few other guitars I'd like to buy at the moment. Don't we all change our gear from time to time? lol
  9. avatar jab
    Fair enough, if I didn't want to spend my money on effects I would consider it but I don't really want another les paul shaped guitar.
  10. avatar flightstrip
    Jab,u seem bored?why dont u check out my post A FEW BARGAINS and whine about them!:lol:
  11. avatar jab
    well unless you have any guitar stuff i.e. pedals or racks then I don't think there is any point.
  12. avatar flightstrip
    that'll be under guitar stuff then in my post.dont want to hijack this post but if u wanna swap that prs for stuff on my list give me a wee buzz....luv y'all;)
  13. avatar SimonC
    Come on folks .... treat yourself!
  14. avatar JoePineapples
    pm'd amigo
  15. avatar SimonC
    Some better photos
    [url=http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2855522&l=8cec22f857&id=560581863]pic one[/url]

    [url=http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2855519&l=19ed3bbc2a&id=560581863]pic two[/url]

    [url=http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2855520&l=c7671e6de5&id=560581863]pic three[/url]
  16. avatar SimonC
    Still available - Offers considered.