1. avatar ilovelamp
    Ive been offered a trade for my marshall jvm 410c involving a 1995 vox ac15 (marshall factory made, vox gold label speaker) plus 100. Now im in now way implying that this is an unfair offer, I dont know alot about the valuation vox amp, however i know that my amp, 9months old, gigged a handful of times and never run above 4 couldnt have devalued too much.
    Ive had a few cash offers for the amp, but not anywhere near my valuation, and also been offered one or two ac15s, (the newer ones) for what imo, is a fair price.
    so, do i go for the trade? or would i be better to get cash for my amp and buy a 2nd hand more recent ac15, im just looking some general advice, like what fuders think about the situation in general as ive had 1independant valuation which is pretty close to the trade offered, and another which says there should be some more cash involved.
    ive also been looking into fender hr deluxes or blues reissues (which are about the same price as the new ac15s new, but prefer the ac15.
  2. avatar artyfufkin
    Don't go near the Vox unless it has the Celestion Blue speaker. I blew the speaker in mine a while back and gigged it for weeks with several different so called 'good' speakers but the amp just didn't sound as good so I ended up sending the Celestion Blue of to England for a recone and it came back sounding great again.
  3. avatar ilovelamp
    i dont think any of the ones ive been offeredhave the blue speaker, the brand news have the wharfdales, i dont think any of them have the blue. probbly if i bought a new/second hand cc1 id save up for the celestion blue, but i want to keep my costs down.
    The trade offered seems to have a decent speaker, and by virtue of its build quality is it nota better amp than the newer custom classic models?