1. avatar flightstrip
    edit(as ive sold quite a lot already and need to clear the lot im now open to offers.but dont take the piss!Would consider an offer for the whole lot.)

    drum stuff
    pearl export kit.24"bass,14"snare and 16" and 14" toms.very dark/almost black colour £180
    hard card drum case,suit bongo.measures 33"high x 15 " diameter £20
    tama road pro snare stand AS NEW. £55
    premier hi hat stand £ SOLD
    mapex hi hat stand £45
    zildjian scimitar 14" hi hats.suit beginner or practice room.£30
    remo emporor 16 inch bass head coated NEW £10
    sonor heavy duty drum stool with drum keys built in.twist adjust NEW £40
    DW 5000 twin chain kick pedal with spares and gig bag £120
    snare stand.old but does the job! £10
    zildjian 14 inch zbt crash.suit beginner or practice studio £15
    sabian b8 pro 20 inch ride £60
    zildjian k series 20 inch kustom ride.very heavy.hammered finish.£120
    paiste 200 20 inch china.old west german quality symbol. £100
    remo 14 inch snare damper £2
    Various symbol stands from £10 FEW LEFT
    remo 24 inch emproror bass head,clear NEW £15
    sabian b8 pro 8 inch splash £15
    heavy duty drum brushes,yellow nylon.£5
    Various used drum sticks,vic firth,premier etc.£50p each
    sabian b8 pro 18 inch crash.SPLIT.do for practice £10
    bass drum mic stand,black.£10 SOLD
    zildjian 12 inch splash £30
    zildjian avedis 14 inch mastersound hihats,pie crust edged bottom symbol.AS NEW £160
    meinl byzance 15 inch thin crash £80 SOLD
    global by sonar percussion,jingle bells effect shaker £5 SOLD
    various drum bits from £5. SOME LEFT(Yamaha/pearl bits)

    behringer ultragain pro 8 digital 8 channel a/d d/a convertor.ADA8000 £80 SOLD
    behringer tube ultragain MIC200.NEW £25 SOLD
    TC electronic triple c £200
    behringer composer pro xl £50
    alesis PEQ 450 £180
    behringer v amp pro rack £70 SOLD
    6u rack £10
    2xbehringer ultra DI boxes £12 each or £20 for both SOLD
    2xmillenium DI boxes £5 each SOLD
    K+M pop shield.NEW £15 SOLD
    Neumann BCM 705.NEW £350
    2xbehringer b1 condensor mics with shockmounts,pop shield and cases £40 each ONE LEFT
    boom mic stands,black £10 each 1 LEFT
    beyerdynamic dt100 studio headphones,stereo.AS NEW £60 each 4 LEFT
    alesis vocal zapper.removes vocals from stereo recordings.£50
    various adapters,extention leads and kettle leads,from £1 FEW LEFT
    behringer truth b2031 powered studio monitors.one needs repair,other is fine £60
    3 mtr multicore.12 stereo jack to 24 mono jacks £15
    1 mtr multicore.8 mono jack to rca £15
    quality chrome mic stand £20 SOLD
    large quantity of leads.xlr to xlr,jack etc.from £2 FEW LEFT
    Large quantity of patch leads,mini jack and standard jack,from £50p SOME LEFT
    2 mtr multi core.8 female xlr to jack £20 SOLD
    24u black metal rack cabinet.wheeled.for the pro studio.£60
    14u metal rack angled frame.£20 SOLD
    universal shock mount for condensor mics £5
    3 mtr multicore.16 mono jack to jack £15
    2x2mtr multicores.16 jack to jack, £10 each
    blue studio chairs £10 each 2 LEFT
    mono to stereo jack convertors £1 each SOLD
    jack to jack joiners £1 each SOLD
    mono to stereo and midi patchbay,custom made.£10 SOLD
    pro tools reference guide for 5.0.1.mac and pc. £5
    large corner studio desks.maple finish.commercial grade.£30 each 2 LEFT
    various studio furniture,drawers,cupboards,seats,coatstands etc.from £10 SOME LEFT
    10u studio rack,plywood.£15
    acoustic studio foam,from studio spares.from £4 VERY LITTLE FOAM LEFT
    hotpoint studio fridge with ice compartment£30
    3 mtr multicore.20 mono jack to 10 stereo £20
    hercules firwire interface £60
    2 seater studio sofas £20 each ONE LEFT
    UPS box.dont lose your power in a power cut! £20
    2xkrk rokit rp8 studio monitors AS NEW £250 SOLD
    2xbehringer ultrapatch pro patchbays £15 each SOLD
    2xbehringer eurodesk sl2442 fx pro £200 each or £350 for both
    good quality wheeled studio chairs.£20 each 2 LEFT
    home made bass trap.55"x36"x11".heavy.only £20
    20 mtr multicore.16 xlr in with 4 xlr returns.suit live or studio use £100

    Guitar stuff:
    behringer bxl 3000 bass amp.twin channel with footswitch.300 watt.£120
    PRS padded gig bag.top quality.AS NEW £20
    Bass guitar flight case by rockcase.49"x16"x6".£40
    jim dunlop classic cry baby wah wah pedal.rarely used £40 (christ!)SOLD
    guitar stands £5 SOLD
    black guitar strap £2 SOLD BUT HAVE OTHER BETTER ONES
    original "gig bag",suit guitars and basses.black/grey £10
    5mm bass guitar pick 50p SOLD (ahem!)
    ritter black guitar gig bag £5
    fender precision bass.black with white scratchplate and rosewood fretboard.mexican made.£250 SOLD
    roland micro cube.dinky but loud! £40

    live band stuff:
    2x class d 2x15" PA speakers.working fine but horns are duff so only £120 for both
    music stands £5 each SOLD
    2x JBL jrx 2x15" PA speakers.suit 500-1000 watt a side amp.£250 the pair SOLD
    2xbehringer b215 PA speakers,crossovers melted!600 watt 2 way.for repair £100
    2xpeavey eurosys2 12" PA speakers.one fine,needing repair so only £40
    2xroadworks rs 152 300 watt PA speaker/monitors.1 needs speaker replacement so only £80 the pair
    t-the box 18" 350 watt/700watt peak sub PA speaker.works 100% £50
    top quality flight case.suit amp etc.ext measurements,580x500x510mm £80
    half moon tambourine £5
    9 foot lighting truss with two tripod stands.hold a lot of lights.£100 SOLD
    hard card flight case.wheeled.measures 38"highx16"x14" £40
    heavy duty monitor/tv stand.black.£20
    2x6mtr uk plug to europlug lighting powerleads.£15 each or £25 for both
    2xheavy duty wheeled/braked flight cases.48"x16"x16" £100 each SOLD
    black light tripod,hold 2 lights £5
    2x HK Audio classic pro 15 sub bass bins.top quality gear! £250 BARGAIN. SOLD
    shure sm 57s £50 ONLY 2 LEFT
    shure sm 58s £50 ONLY 1 LEFT
    sennhieser 835s £50 SOLD
    shure PGD MK6 drum mic kit in case.3xpg56s,1xpg52,2xpg81s with clips.as new.£220 SOLD
    mic stands £10 each 1 LEFT
    4x really heavy duty extension poles.to mount tops onto bass bins.£30 the lot
    phonic power pod,7 xlr in,only one of the amps is working,usable.only £80
    4xbehringer eurolive f1520 200 watt floor monitors.speakon in/out £300 the lot
    audio technica wireless headset,NEW AND UNUSED.atw r700 trans.atw t701 rec.£180
    hard card round flight case.36"high,8"diameter,suit stands etc.£10
    american dj jet stream smoke machine,fires smoke upwards!cool.need control lead so £60 SOLD
    various band lighting,fx lights,pars,moving lights,lasers,etc from only £20 VERY FEW LEFT

    good quality gig bags,suit mic stands etc £10 and £15 1 OF EACH LEFT
    Mackie 1202 12 channel mixer.noisy channel but only £60
    sennheiser freeport wireless twin diversity mic £70
    2xt-amp 2400 watt(1200watt a side) rack mounted power amps £150 each SOLD
    6u live flight case.heavy duty £30 SOLD

    No withheld numbers and [b:0153862aca]no texts[/b:0153862aca][size=200][/size] please.(i drive a lot and have fat fingers!gonna cause a pile up!:D )
    do your research,know what u want,come and try it,pay me and go home.IE;NO MESSERS!
    0789 4645 881:023:

    (Edit;sorry,near ballymena/cullybackey)
    [size=200]NO TEXTS NO TEXTS NO TEXTS NO TEXTS....TA[/size]:lol:
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  2. avatar Furious Tradesmen
    flip, that's quite a clear out. i should've done that instead of just lending everything to people and forgetting about it...
    wish i could afford those posh hi-hats!
  3. avatar flightstrip
    [quote:595977fa8b="Furious Tradesmen"]flip, that's quite a clear out. i should've done that instead of just lending everything to people and forgetting about it...
    wish i could afford those posh hi-hats![/quote:595977fa8b]

    lol...never lend shit out,ive learnt my lesson too.
    they truly are sweet hi hats at half the new price...rob your granny,sell your body,itll be worth it!

    [size=200](DID I MENTION...NO TEXTS!)[/size][b:595977fa8b][/b:595977fa8b];)
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  4. avatar darkprince07
    Wow, thats a huge clearout. I know Mr Flight and he's a genuine dude...this would be an ideal opportunity for anyone wanting to open a promotion and recording studio company for the guts of 5g's, which is a cheap start.

    P.S Andy, put this ad up on Metalireland for you aswell, just incase anyone rings up asking about it from there.

    Good luck folk.
  5. avatar flightstrip
    cheers dark me old mucker.thanks to joe who bought a shitload of shure mics and stands and to steve for buying stuff that wasnt even listed.im a disorganised git i know.
    please note fuders:best to ring rather than leave IM as im mostly out and about runnin people off the roads.ta
  6. avatar flightstrip

    Ring and speak to me,come and view,give me CASH (no i dont do paypal etc!)and go home.

    I will not answer any more texts or with held numbers..thanks.

    lets keep this simple!

    i mean WTF !!

    [size=100](DID I MENTION....NO FUCKING TEXTS!!....:D )[/size][b:d95668f79d][/b:d95668f79d]
  7. avatar darkprince07
    Someone on Metalireland looking pics of the drum gear Ando if you can get. Put the no texts onto there also, just incase.
  8. avatar BinaryOperator
    No offers?

    I've been lookin fer a Wah, but 50 notes is steep given they're 59 online, and not much more in matchetts with a warranty.

    Since you're not open to offers I guess I'll keep lookin.
  9. avatar flightstrip
    [quote:ff94de0b59="BinaryOperator"]No offers?

    I've been lookin fer a Wah, but 50 notes is steep given they're 59 online, and not much more in matchetts with a warranty.

    Since you're not open to offers I guess I'll keep lookin.[/quote:ff94de0b59]

    yup u do that.strange that all the guys who came to buy stuff today didnt try to haggle as the prices are very good already,plus i threw them in wee freebies as a good luck penny so i think theyre happy.
    why bother to leave a negative comment at all,why not just ring me and say your piece and i would then say,ok i paid 70 quid but fair enough take it for 40 quid?your loss i guess.anyone want a jim dunlop wah for 40 quid give me a buzz!jesus!
    still no offers but if u point out something ive priced wrong or overlooked let me know.im not fucking perfect!i think all of the gear is very reasonably priced (er apart from the wah i guess):lol:
  10. avatar BinaryOperator
    I left a "negative" comment because you stated clearly "NO OFFERS" in caps and all that. There was a bit of kit I would have been interested in, and I did think that anyone would have picked up the sarcasm in my "negative" post. I was intending that you would read my reply, go "oh yeah, right enough" or something similar.

    It appears you're a sensitive wee soul and completely missed the sarcasm. You also completely missed a sale.
  11. avatar flightstrip
    is that john from marcus music? it is isnt it! lol

    fuck,i missed out on the sale of a 40 quid wah wah,i cant bear life anymore,i cant go on.pass me a fucking razor blade!
    shit was i being sarcastic,balls!

    cheers for your wonderful input john.;)

    If anyone(genuine) wants to buy anything get in touch,if not dont bother me or waste your time whining about unimportant crap.lifes too short,thanks.
    cheers to all the guys and girls who got stuff yesterday.well worth the trip!
  12. avatar flightstrip
    [b:7e45ce7259]updated list[/b:7e45ce7259][size=200][/size]. thanks to all who came yesterday for stuff,looked,paid and went.as it should be!
  13. avatar SimonC
    [quote:3b337c2e59="flightstrip"]is that john from marcus music? it is isnt it! lol[/quote:3b337c2e59]

    After the "Great Reviews" and feedback on Marcus Music featured on here .. I'd be keeping my head down! :lol:
  14. avatar flightstrip
    lol simonc,
    in addition to the list i have an insulated 14 foot long container for sale.needs slight repair to the door as i "blew the bloody doors off!".would do for a wee recording space or storage etc.youd need to sort transport of course.would prob need to be lifted onto a flatbed with a hiab or similar.im only looking a token £60 for it(which will go to my penis enlargement operation).I paid 600 for it.first come(no pun)first served on this one.
  15. avatar flightstrip
    sales going well.i will knock a bit off if people buy a few items of course or chuck u in something of use.(JUST DONT TAKE THE PISS);)
    [size=200][b:befbeddef9]EVERYTHING MUST GO!![/b:befbeddef9][/size]
  16. avatar flightstrip
    fresh bump
  17. avatar BinaryOperator
    [quote:803f9c3587="SimonC"][quote:803f9c3587="flightstrip"]is that john from marcus music? it is isnt it! lol[/quote:803f9c3587]

    After the "Great Reviews" and feedback on Marcus Music featured on here .. I'd be keeping my head down! :lol:[/quote:803f9c3587]

    So who exactly is supposed to be "John" from Marcus?

    It aint me babe. In fact IIRC I made quite a few posts in that thread. I was advocating Matchetts, and Paul in there in particular as a good guy etc etc....I too have had the wonderous experience that is shopping in Marcus Music. Not in the last decade though...wonder why??

    ...and I was genuine as I had a few sheckles I was gonna buy sommat musical with, *was* though as from the looks of things I've just bought an explorer from another thread on here....well I haven't bought a guitar in over a year so it was about time, lol.
  18. avatar flightstrip
    i do apologise for saying you were john.twas of course joshing.its not very nice and its no laughing matter.i used to love marcus music as guys in my old bands worked there an sneaked me free strings etc,but id buy jack shit outta there now.sold the wah for 40 notes and threw the guy in some freebies.its nice to be nice.:057:
  19. avatar SimonC
    [quote:687a501c04="flightstrip"]its nice to be nice.:057:[/quote:687a501c04]

    "Good Game, Good Game" * Said in a Bruce Forsythe fashion lol
  20. avatar BinaryOperator

    The explorer is nice too, and well worth the 100 I paid for her last nite. I was gonna negotiate but when I saw the guitar I just didn't have the heart to try and get any more money off. Half decent gig bag too. Cheers Peter!

    Now the question is what bridge pickup will I stick in her?

    fnar fnar.

    Someday I'll sell off some guitars, it's getting fecking ridiculous now. Some day though. Not today....but some day, honest, lol.
  21. avatar flightstrip
    updated list with SOLD beside relevant items.

    man i went to a sweet studio yesterday in lisburn,railway studios.nice people,great gear and just reminded me of a london studio i used to work in.check them out.lovely huge akita dog too,scary but not a ball sniffer which is good.
  22. avatar flightstrip
    in the interests of shifting everything im now taking offers so grab a bargain.
    everything must go cos im outta here shortly and cant take it with me.
    first come first served.ta
  23. avatar flightstrip
    bumpety bump.
  24. avatar jab
    No sorry nothing there I'm interested in.
  25. avatar flightstrip
    [quote:0cb65ac27d="jab"]No sorry nothing there I'm interested in.[/quote:0cb65ac27d]

    best go and leave another pointless comment on someone elses thread then.off you tootle.