1. avatar Steven Dedalus

    [b:c69f70e55b]WAR HOLE[/b:c69f70e55b] need a drummer.

    Do [b:c69f70e55b]YOU[/b:c69f70e55b] have what it takes?

    We’ve been beavering away in our 24-track digital studio (in reality: a broken cassette 4-track) and have crafted a plethora of amazing songs, that at least one member of the band has heard and can play.

    Now the time has come to take it on the road. But we are missing one vital element -

    [b:c69f70e55b]A DRUMMER.[/b:c69f70e55b]

    We’re seeking a kick ass* drummer who is ready to rock (possibly) and is not frightened of the following bands:

    Guided by Voices!
    Sonic Youth!
    The Flaming Lips!
    American Music Club!

    and other bands like that.

    *By “Kick ass”, of course we mean, “Barely competent.”

    We have some of our own equipment, including a stylophone and a guitar (we had a keyboard, but I dropped it, and don’t know if it works anymore).

    This is a lucrative opportunity for any potential drummer out there. We’ve had lots of label interest, and are currently being courted by Rad Dude Records, and the Paper Bag Recording Company.

    There’s plans to release an album in the fall.


    (we might not be able to play any of the songs on the myspace anymore, but we’ve got new ones that we can’t play either)

    (not that we ever could play the songs on the myspace, to be honest)
  2. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    Is this the band that are named after the song 'Anti War Hole on the Dancefloor' by the Happy Mondays (from their inevitably poor 2007 'comeback' album)?
  3. avatar weston!
    You've had record label interest?


    I'm a drummer but I'm competent lol.
  4. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    [quote:ee5f4522b1="weston!"]You've had record label interest?


  5. avatar courthouse
    due to a few bands pullin out we have space for four bands in r battle of the band comp
    prize money is £1000 pound. its due to start 30th oct in the courthouse bar lurgan. contact gary r thomas on 02838329161