1. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
    Very proud of my wee self....

    Behold the DRAGONET.......



  2. avatar Bileofwood

    What is it? ;)
  3. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
    It's clearly the answer to all our prayers, ever since Night Rider went off the air. :lol:
  4. avatar danbastard
    Snazzy. Looks like Johnny 5's head!

  5. avatar all-is-vanity
    Looking good. With a bit of tweaking, you could probably reduce the footprint of the amp, unless you want to keep it generously sized?! Wish I had the patience to pull it off.

    You'll also need to consider some sort of cooling system. Amps have a tendency to overheat. Probably one of the most common problems.
  6. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
    yeah, it could be a wee bit smaller, but i reckon a 12" x 10" footprint is a pretty good start, given that it's a 50W amp. One problem i fear with getting smaller is leakage flux. The transformers are fairly close to one another as it is - there's nowhere to hide from the mains tranny, hence the first stage valve being as far away as is aesthetically possible. And honestly, once it really started coming together, getting an iron into some spots became a bit tricky. i'm happy with the 6L6 separation - obeying a 1&1/2 envelope rule and all that. Start squeezing valves closer together and radiation becomes your overheating problem.

    i DO like to see some space and separation - keep various sections on their own, so you can experiment and service with a bit of breathing space.

    i'm looking forward to my next one - i think i'll make something 'longer' and i'm going to use 400V coupling caps which should be smaller than the orange drops. also, 350/100 caps instead of 450/100. sourcing issues... who cares.

    Yes, cooling.... any suggestions? i haven't decided on an enclosure yet.
  7. avatar tinpot anto
    See in Ray McClouds Music Shop at the Top end of Lurgan, he has -well HAD...an amp called a "Marmac" which is apparently an Irish Made clone of an 120w Orange something or other.

    For the 150 he's looking for it you could get a hell of a lot of cracker parts - or even a fucking cracker amp iin it's own right.

    scroll down this thread - see the lovely pictures

    Tell me that's not the sexiest transformer you've ever seen (Jetfire excluded of course)

    I got a 60w Impact head of him for 80 a couple of months back
    Now in the hands of the Valvemaster himself, Tony Hamilton.
  8. avatar BinaryOperator
    The guitarist in one of my previous bands made a few amps from kits etc, that look kinda like the one you've built. If it sounds anything like his it's a feckin monster ;)

    They sure look purdy too.
  9. avatar wannabeflea
    Looks great! Where did you order your components from mate?

    I'm looking at building a Soldano SLO-type channel switching beasty in the next few months myself to keep the metalheads happy! Have the turretboard layouts all sorted, but thinking of modding it slightly for more options (more for tweaking the prototype than anything).
  10. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
    That other amp looks like it has solid state preamps, so it's no wonder it would be 150. The trannies might be worth close to that i guess, if they're any good.

    i got the bulk of my parts at tube-town in germany - awesome website.

    some little bits and pieces i got from Rapid - think 'maplin times a billion'

    For the sake of blowing my own trumpet, this was no kit - i laid it out and did all the cutting, sawing and drilling myself on a blank chassis. i recycled an old output transformer (bought a hammond 290EEX power tranny from the germans) and made the circuit cards using card and eyelets, with the layout painstakingly pored over by (ahem) me. The audio circuit is basically a fender bassman 20. Nothing really fancy in it. Long-tailed phase inverter: 680-22k(1W)- and a 1k mini pot to act as the neg feedback divider.
    - 82K on the second stage plate as opposed to the spec'd 47. i'm afraid to turn it up in my house; the other things in the room are shaking when it's only half way up.
    - Negated the 100pf cap on the 820k resistor in the tone circuit: some HF oscillation/feedback occurred when the amp was full up with treble control up all the way. Amazing how a resistor that costs 1p can make all the difference.

    i need a decent headshell now - my woodworking is not as good as my soldering.

    oh yes, i like the quip about the transformer.. croc dundee... "that's not a transformer, THIS is a transformer."