1. avatar comprachio
    I'm upgrading my monitor speakers so am selling on my current ones.

    [b:d251a3a6bd]YAMAHA HS80m[/b:d251a3a6bd]

    In layman's terms they are very big and very loud with and very 'truthful' - the ones i'm replacing it with aren't actually as loud.
    They're a great set of studio monitors but are also decent for DJing at home.

    Specs for each speaker;
    * 8" white polypropylene cone
    * 1" dome tweeter
    * 120-watt biamplified power (active, so no amp needed)
    * XLR and " connectors
    * Room control and frequency response switches

    In immaculate condition, only ever used in my studio and never driven hard cos I mix quite quietly.

  2. avatar comprachio
    obviously any would-be buyer can call round and have a listen, just send me an email to arrange it;

  3. avatar comprachio
    Have had a couple of offers for these. If no one meets the asking price i'll sell them for the best offer i get...
  4. avatar vtecrigsy
  5. avatar adamb1026
    Extremely tempting.
  6. avatar comprachio
    These are still for sale and I'm very happy to let anyone come around and hear them etc etc