1. avatar Pete Moore
    My first post!
    Alright you kids...set your faces to stun...here goes my clear-out!

    [b:9b2da6ad24]Fostex VF-80[/b:9b2da6ad24]
    Original box and carry case. Mint condition and fulfills all your home recording needs, also includes amp simulators, effects etc. [u:9b2da6ad24]150[/u:9b2da6ad24] ONO

    Toby-4 black bass (with gig bag) was an import and absolute mint condition. The action and sheer playability of this is unbelievable - 24 fret neck. Cost 480 will accept 200 ONO

    12 String Semi-acoustic, like new, plays beautifully

    [b:9b2da6ad24]Johnston J-Station[/b:9b2da6ad24]
    Amp and effects simulator....you'll never need anything else to create sounds with your geetar!
    Original box etc 100

    [b:9b2da6ad24]Epiphone Explorer[/b:9b2da6ad24]
    Some slight nicks here and there, but nothing major, will also throw in new set of Ernie Balls and gig bag
    100 ONO

    Mic, mic stand and "pop shield"
    [u:9b2da6ad24]30 [/u:9b2da6ad24]ONO

    [b:9b2da6ad24]Bass Amp[/b:9b2da6ad24]
    Ideal practice amp...think it's 50W but not 100%

    There are also guitar racks, stands and Boss bass chorus pedal etc, so if there is anything else someone wants, no problem.

    Can contact me on moorso_@hotmail.com
    C'mon girls and boys....everything must go!!
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  2. avatar Pete Moore
    Thanks for those who contacted me....is no-one interested in the Fostex or J-Station??
  3. avatar Seamy ALB
    What model is the wee bass amp?
  4. avatar Pete Moore
    Bass amp is a Torque.
  5. avatar jab
    Why is the guitar so cheap?

    Pics of the guitar?
  6. avatar Pete Moore
    Is that cheap? I didn't realise it was! Thought I was asking a reasonable price!!
    Which guitar are you referring to?!?

    Will try to get a pic of the rest of the stuff up tonight.
  7. avatar jab
    I suppose it depends on what model it is, I'm talking about the explorer.

    So yea pics would be great.
  8. avatar salfhal
    Epipone Explorer seems about average dude... 100 isn't bad, seeing the majority of models are around 250 new.
  9. avatar BinaryOperator
    The explorer was worth the ton, I was going to negotiate down, but with the case n strings it was worth the money.

    Few dings, but nothing too nasty.

    It will be setup and have a new duncan in the bridge over the weekend.

  10. avatar Pete Moore
    Thanks Tony...health to enjoy!! :D
  11. avatar jab
    Wait you sold it?!!

    Ah well.