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    [i:b1f7b1e6e2]AU IN ASSOCIATION WITH OH YEAH PRESENTS[/i:b1f7b1e6e2]

    [b:b1f7b1e6e2]THE HALLOWEEN BALL[/b:b1f7b1e6e2]
    [size=16:b1f7b1e6e2][b:b1f7b1e6e2]Super Extra Bonus Party[/b:b1f7b1e6e2][/size:b1f7b1e6e2]
    [size=12:b1f7b1e6e2][b:b1f7b1e6e2]Yes Cadets[/b:b1f7b1e6e2][/size:b1f7b1e6e2]
    [b:b1f7b1e6e2]DJ Jonny Tiernan[/b:b1f7b1e6e2]

    The witching hour approacheth and what better way to spend your Halloween than in the company of some of Irelandís most monstrously good acts? Your good buddies at the [b:b1f7b1e6e2]Oh Yeah Centre[/b:b1f7b1e6e2] and [b:b1f7b1e6e2]AU[/b:b1f7b1e6e2] have put together a humdinger of a show for your delectation. Headlining are indie-electronica schemers [b:b1f7b1e6e2]Super Extra Bonus Party[/b:b1f7b1e6e2]. The Dublin outfit recently released their second album, the full-on grab bag of excitement that was [i:b1f7b1e6e2]Night Horses[/i:b1f7b1e6e2]. Their reputation as one of the islandís most exhilarating live acts has long been established, the outfit unleashing a full on cyclone of sound and energy each and every time they perform.

    Support comes from on-the-up, Belfast-based quartet [b:b1f7b1e6e2]Yes Cadets[/b:b1f7b1e6e2]. Since forming in 2008, the electro-charged art-rock outfit has been charming the metaphorical pants off everyone they encounter. Prepare to become another notch on their musical headboard. As if that werenít excitement enough for one evening, thereíll also be some top tune spinning from [b:b1f7b1e6e2]DJ Jonny Tiernan[/b:b1f7b1e6e2]. And all this comes at a ticket price so low itís howling at the moon mad. So get vamped up in your most fiendish outfit and weíll see you there.

    [b:b1f7b1e6e2]THE HALLOWEEN BALL[/b:b1f7b1e6e2]
    [i:b1f7b1e6e2]The Oh Yeah Centre, Gordon Street, Belfast[/i:b1f7b1e6e2]
    Doors: [b:b1f7b1e6e2]9pm Ė late (full bar and late license)[/b:b1f7b1e6e2]
    Tickets: [i:b1f7b1e6e2]£8 advance (from Oh Yeah or AU) or £10 on the door [/i:b1f7b1e6e2]
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    This is tomorrow night, obv.

    We also have a big list of prizes that are being given away, some for fancy dress, others just for the hell of it...

    Skinworks tattoo vouchers (£100 & £50)
    Sonic Academy 3hr session (Ableton, DJing, whateva ye fancy)
    Meal for two at Made In Belfast
    Hair consultation, treatment, cut and styling at Vintage Rocks
    AU Subscription
    Oh Yeah event tickets
    More stuff...

    Tasty list, tasty times. Still a few tickets left. Get on it.
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    What are the chances of paying in at the door tonight? or is it sold out?