1. avatar tinpot anto
    This is the full set of everything you need to put roof bars on your 2000+ Nissan Almera (not Tino) it also has the additional "Short roof Bars" needed for the 3door model.


    These cost nearly 150 altogether for all these bits, it's been road tested on my own Almera all the way to France and back on tour with the TPO, but I sold that car to a dealer who didn't want them, so it's been in my garage.

    Here's the sort of prices you'd be looking new http://www.roofrackshop.co.uk/Vehicle-Check/Nissan/Almera/3-d-Hatchback-00-/0001225mod601man55.aspx

    I have the Standard, rather than the "Aero" bars. Any sensible looking offer will do rightly :)