1. avatar aaronrossi
    I was thinking of changing the cymbals I have (Sabian B8s) and maybe upgrading.

    I have seen the Zildjian ZHT Pack for 300 (hi-hats / ride / 2 crash) - what are peoples opinions on these? Or am I better buying individual ones?

    I am a little bit green behind the ears as what is supposed to make a cymbal good - The only one of my current cymbals that I don't really like is the ride - so should I just invest a couple of quid in one?

    I also appreciate that it is such a personal taste thing but it is very hard seemingly to get advice out of any of the shops as their "drum person" is normally on lunch!!! :)
  2. avatar Ric_vdb
    Hey there

    If you are taking drums seriously - planning to gig, record and so on - then I would recommend replacing each of the cymbals individually, gradually, for high-end cymbals. It may be costly, but most definately worth it in the end if that's your goal.

    If you are just wanting to step up your set of cymbals instantly, I would recommend the likes of the Sabian XS20's over the ZHT's. Honestly, in my opinion the ZHT's sound worse than your B8's. A logical step up the ladder would be the XS20's, which aren't too dear. They're pretty impressive actually.

    If you decide to upgrade individually, for example, get a new ride - give me a PM and I'll be happy to give you more specific advice

    Hope that helps
  3. avatar leaky
    hey, take a look in matchetts music. they've some crazy discount on sabian cymbals at the minute. can't remember exactly but i seen either a aax or hhx 20" ride for 97 new and some high end crashes cheaper than that. you could end up getting really good set for the same price as the zhts or as ric says just upgrade a cymbal at a time.
    hope this helps
  4. avatar seymour

    I play the Zildjian ZXT's (not the ZHTs), but having played these for a few years wouldnt recommend any of the cheaper end of the Zildjian series. My crash currently has the mother of all cracks in it, didnt last as long as I would have thought.

    I'm saving the pennies to replace them one by one, custom A's or K's soon hopefully.
  5. avatar DeliriumTremens
    Yeah id personally change one cymbal at a time and spend the money, you wont regret it, i use all AAXs and literally hit these things as hard as i can and havent cracked one yet and ive had them for more than a year. In the past ive used stagg and zildijan scimitar but ended up destroying them in no time. Plus ive found the slightly more expensive cymbal sounds better, both live and in the studio.