1. avatar faux

    OMGWTFDISCO has been running for over a year now and has established itself as the ONLY place to be seen on a Wednesday night. The Misaligned Men of Automaton heralds the first of monthly live shows.

    The mysterious MMA create confrontational electronic music to challenge and excite. They are comprised of 3 members, 3 laptops, some home made equipment and a powerful sound. What follows is what little information we have on them:

    channel-1 Loves delay pedals, as long as they self oscillate. Owns more than one shirt. Is unsure what happened to channel-3 through-637 (except channel-209 but he is saying nothing).

    channel-2 Is desperate to sell his soul to the pepsi and/or dickies corporations. Thinks channel-1 only owns one shirt. Knows he is a better chess player than channel-638 is unsure what happened to channels-3 through-637

    channel-638 Loves pressing all the buttons and moving all the switches all the time. Torturing channel-2 with the beat on button 7. Knows he is a better chess player than channel-2. Knows exactly what happened to channels-3 through-637 but is saying nothing.


    Afterwords resident DJs FAUX cut 'n' paste what they wanna hear with what you wanna hear to ensure a sweaty stomp off on the dance floor.

    Tell your friends they'll need their dancing shoes!

    Soundtracked by FAUX
    Every Wednesday.
    Lavery's Bunker.
    Drink Promos.
    3 / 9 - Late.

  2. avatar faux
    We now have added support from local livetronica duo Rip Jam. More information to follow.
  3. avatar The_Martyr
    i love that poster.
  4. avatar faux
    well sexy, innit. All credit goes to Michael Murray who does all our designing. PREACH.
  5. avatar spirit of division
  6. avatar Strong Reaction
    what time are the Misaligned Men onstage? Would like to go but gotta work it around crappy Translink.
  7. avatar spirit of division
    Guess 9 / 9.30 tops...?
  8. avatar faux
    yeah. something like that. :)

    Tomorrow night! exciting times... BRING THE NOISE!
  9. avatar faux
    the hour is approaching, prepare yourselves.
  10. avatar The_Martyr
    I'll be there.