1. avatar spirit of division
    [color=violet:85fbc2a4ec][b:85fbc2a4ec][size=24:85fbc2a4ec]F.A.U.X DJS[/size:85fbc2a4ec][/b:85fbc2a4ec][/color:85fbc2a4ec]
    [color=violet:85fbc2a4ec][b:85fbc2a4ec][size=24:85fbc2a4ec]THE MISALIGNED MEN OF AUTOMATON[/size:85fbc2a4ec][/b:85fbc2a4ec][/color:85fbc2a4ec]

    [b:85fbc2a4ec]Weds 7th Oct
    Laverys Bunker
    Doors 8.30pm
    Adm 3 (?)[/b:85fbc2a4ec]

    The FAUX djs have requested the presence of the Controller. Unfortunately no room is big enough to house the sheer greatness of the Controller and as such the Controller has sent vessels in the form of The Misaligned Men Of Automaton...

    "The Misaligned Men Of Automaton (from herein to be referred to as TMMOA) where plucked from their individual pursuits when the Controller could not manifest it's own might into any one structure on earth and that no one individual could ever behold the tremendous power, greatness and responsibility of the Controller."

    Hailing from their new home in space, TMMOA like many things, foremost being whatever the Controller tells them. We are everywhere.

    [i:85fbc2a4ec]"They dressed weird and sounded weird."[/i:85fbc2a4ec] - AU mag
  2. avatar Recycled Alien
    If the Controller is so great, how come she doesn't know how to use apostrophes?

  3. avatar spirit of division
    The controller has no gender. It is not bound by your ideas. As for their use of the apostrophe, the controller has other insights into language and isn't too bad with regards to english considering they hail from somewhere outside of this biosphere.