1. avatar SimonC

    OK - so this isn't going to be everyones cup of tea ....

    2007 Daisy Rock Californian made Stardust Acoustic
    Has a two piece solid maple top, composite back and Daisy Rock branded Fishmann electronics (IIRC).
    Same as the pic above - only it's a natural / maple finish.

    I bought this for the wife to play as she was sick of not having a guitar of her own. She's now moved on to playing electric and so this is un-used. It's kind of like a Taylor T-5'esq rip off - great wee guitar, especially plugged in.
    Comes with a gig bag and has been recently been re-strung with EJ16's.

    Will take the first 150ono
  2. avatar SimonC
    130 anyone?
  3. avatar RiotGrrrl
    If you still have it in a month or two let me know! :) I'd love it but I'll have to save :D
  4. avatar SimonC
  5. avatar Fighting For Salem
    man, I want this badly! ummmm... Im leaving the country for three months in 2 weeks time.. and i have no available resources but if by any chance i get some I really, really want this! BADLY!
  6. avatar SimonC