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    [b:964b74354d]SO:NI [/b:964b74354d]Presents...

    [b:964b74354d]SMOKING TONGUE[/b:964b74354d]
    Lisburn alt-rock 4-piece with a soulful slant. Always a popular draw at the SO:NI Lisburn shows, this is ST's first Belfast SO:NI headliner.

    [b:964b74354d]THE LAST HURRAH[/b:964b74354d]
    Female-fronted Belfast pop-rock 4-piece play their debut SO:NI show.

    [b:964b74354d]ELLE MONO [/b:964b74354d](launch gig)
    Brand new outfit led by Anna Gillespie & her brother John - excellent dark pop songwriting & beautiful vocals - check it out here! -

    [b:964b74354d]STEVEN McCANN[/b:964b74354d]
    Top quality singer-songwriter material from one of the finest acoustic acts in the country.

    [b:964b74354d]THE PAVILION BAR[/b:964b74354d], BELFAST (Ormeau Road)
    Friday 2nd October
    Doors 9pm, admission 4


    We're always on the lookout for more bands to showcase - join us on the Myspace!
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