1. avatar theghostofrumble
    Gretsch Synchromatic Silver Sparkle Jet Bought brand new in 2002/2003 - and it's pretty much been hanging on my wall ever since (took it along to a few gigs as a spare but don't recall ever having to use it - it's a pretty flash looking guitar and it sounds good too. Korean made with Gretsch humbucker pickups. The picture suggests it has a greenish tinge - it doesn't look like that in the flesh - it's pure silver (though I'm told as they age they can develop a nice green tinge too) - 200 or nearest reasonable offer - PM me if interested

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  2. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Where you based?
  3. avatar theghostofrumble
    I'm in Belfast
  4. avatar theghostofrumble
    wee bump before I decide whether or not to stick it on e-bay
  5. avatar theghostofrumble
    sold today