1. avatar the dirty weed
    [b:2c8c074575]Ordinary Days[/b:2c8c074575] proudly presents a double-header of ecstatic, blissed-out psych and drone from two leading players in the U.S. post-punk underground.

    [size=18:2c8c074575]POCAHAUNTED (Troubleman Unlimited / Not Not Fun Records)
    SUN ARAW (Not Not Fun / Woodsist Records)
    + Eisberg & Resnick[/size:2c8c074575]

    Sunday 14th June
    The Menagerie Bar
    9pm. 6

    (Usa, [url=http://www.troublemanunlimited.com/]Troubleman Unlimited[/url] / [url=http://notnotfun.com/]Not Not Fun[/url])


    mp3: [url=http://www.inflightatnight.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/pocahaunted-gehettoballet.mp3]Gehetto Ballet[/url]

    POCAHAUNTED formed in 2006. Since then the Eagle Rock sisterhood have blazed a fast path through the DIY / psych underground, evolving as quickly as their eBay-coveted cassettes and LPs sell out.
    Comprised of Not Not Fun Records art-designer Amanda Brown on vocals / dancing, Sun Araw main-man Cameron Stallones on organ, Diva Dompe on bass / vocals, NNF co-captain Britt Brown on guitar, and LA staple Ged Gengras on drums, Pocahaunted's whirlwind voodoo live performances range from hypnotizing 4AD / Cocteau Twins cloudbanks to thundering afro-punk freak-outs.
    They've played with everyone from [b:2c8c074575]Sonic Youth to MV & EE to Yellow Swans to Ponytail to Religious Knives to Vivian Girls[/b:2c8c074575], and toured both the West and East coast to packed art galleries, warehouse parties, and DIY venues. Their discography runs deep, with full-length albums on underground luminary labels like [b:2c8c074575]Weird Forest, Arbor, Woodsist, Teenage Teardrops, Troubleman Unlimited, Not Not Fun and Digitalis[/b:2c8c074575], garnering glowing press in dozens of publications (both print and digital) such as URB Magazine, LA Record (they were the cover story), Tiny Mix Tapes and The Wire. They are currently recording a brand new full-length album to be released in the autumn. This is their first overseas tour ever. The future is bright, and soon to be haunted.

    [b:2c8c074575]SUN ARAW[/b:2c8c074575]
    (Usa, [url=http://www.fuckittapes.com/woodsist.htm]Woodsist[/url] / [url=http://notnotfun.com/]Not Not Fun Records[/url])


    mp3: [url=http://www.notnotfun.com/sunaraw/TUNES/Horse%20Steppin%27.mp3]Horse Steppin'[/url]

    Initially launched solely as a recording project for [b:2c8c074575]Magic Lantern[/b:2c8c074575] guitarist Cameron Stallones, quickly transformed into a stunning live act as well, bolstered by a string of rapturously received LPs - 'Beach Head' on [b:2c8c074575]Not Not Fun[/b:2c8c074575] and 'Boat Trip' on [b:2c8c074575]Woodsist[/b:2c8c074575]. Drawing equally upon 70s kraut-psych rock, Spacemen 3-style drug blues and woozy tropical world music, Sun Araw's universe is a rapidly expanding one. Cameron's electric gospel landed him on a number of prominent music review "Best Of 2008" lists, and the trend seems to only be beginning. A brand new full-length CD / LP 'Heavy Deeds' is out this summer

    [b:2c8c074575]EISBERG & RESNICK[/b:2c8c074575]

    New improv and experimentation from members of Tracer amc and Heliopause.

    Further info:

    mark (at) menageriebar (dot) com
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  2. avatar Warren Drugs
    Sun Araw truly is the moth's gametes.
    Total bargain at six quid too.
  3. avatar the dirty weed
    Brush up on Not Not Fun - home of Pocahaunted and Sun Araw - with this interview and download sampler [url]http://www.imposemagazine.com/labeled-not-not-fun/16775/[/url]
  4. avatar distracted
    Thanks for that, interesting. Really looking forward to this. NNF has done too much good stuff - Loosers, Raccoo-oo-oon, Heavy Winged, Ex-Cocaine, and a ton of other stuff. Hoping there's some tasty merch available on the night, NNF's artwork's always good. COLOUR ME EXCITED :-D
  5. avatar the dirty weed
    Yeah, me too! Wanna stock up on a good few things.
    Check out the new Ducktails LP on NNF. Really good!
  6. avatar the dirty weed
    tonight yo
  7. avatar boourns
    Looking forward to this
  8. avatar distracted
    Sun Araw's cover of Barstool Blues was awesome, shame it's not been recorded yet. They did a great set, as did Pocahaunted, I really enjoyed that, a good night.
  9. avatar boourns
    Absolutely fantastic, really hypnotic music and the Neil Young cover was excellent! It was just a shame more people didn't make it down. Great night!
  10. avatar Telefan1
    I'm in love with Diva Dompe...