1. avatar dunlucer
    My first post!

    got a basic Session Pro drum kit for sale. also included is a spare snare, spare hi-hit cymbals and a spare ride cymbal. Bought it with the intention of learning but im about to move into a new apartment and dont have the room for it. I also have a set of silencing pads for the kit. various sticks. Cymbals aren't in the best of condition but still play fine. Looking around 90 or best offer.

    PM me.


  2. avatar barry1990
    My first post!
    hows it going,
    that kit sounds perfect, im just startin to learn aswell, is it still going?
    only problem is i live way south! dublin like, where abouts are you based?
  3. avatar martyrocks
    i actually bought this mate....but you never gave me the silencers for it!!!!